Gongloe Accepts Call To Contest Liberia’s Presidency

…Says CDC has become producer of poverty

By: R. Joyclyn Wea

MONROVIA-the Outgoing president of the National Bar Association of Liberia-LNBA has accepted calls to contest for the nation’s highest seat come 2023; from what he said  as a means of liberating the Liberians populace from extra hardship.

Months back, there was an appeal by Team Gongloe, Team Gongloe Global, Friends of Gongloe, Wings of Gongloe including some young men and women of Liberia for Cllr. Tiawan Gongloe to run for the presidency of Liberia.

Gongloe  on December 4, 2021 accepted and declared that he will run for the Presidency of Liberia in the 2023 legislative and Presidential Elections in Gumpa City, Nimba County.

“Our history has shown that the suffering of the masses of the Liberian people has not been based on any tribal or religious differences, but by people who over the years have come to power only to satisfy themselves,”  asserted.

According to him, when a few people take and enjoy what belongs to all citizens of Liberia, the rest of the citizens are left with nothing and therefore, they suffer.

This kind of leadership he said increases poverty, unhappiness and hopelessness, even where those in power were elected on the promise that their government would bring “change for hope”.

“Whatever this rather strange expression means, the words change and hope made a majority of the Liberian people to vote for the party now in power.  But some Liberians knew that the expression was strange and confusing that it would not bring the change that the people hoped for, because normally, people hope for change and not “change for hope.”

Gongloe noted that today, prices of food and other essential commodities have gone up as a result, life has become so hard and tough, especially for the masses of the people who voted for the party in power; something that has frustrated most people that they have vowed never to vote during an election process.”

“In other words, the change that the voters thought was meant to bring hope has brought hopelessness and despair thereby making life meaningless for the masses of the people.”

Cllr. Gongloe mentioned that those who promised change that would bring hope to a majority of the people are living, virtually in heaven on earth in less than a year many of the promisors of change for hope, including their chief, built mansions, as if they were money magicians,” he continued.

“Now, the people know that this promise of “change for hope” was meant exclusively for a few Liberians; not all the Liberian people. These few Liberians play with millions of brand new Liberian notes, every day as if each of them has a money machine. They throw money at the people, as if they are feeding their chickens or dogs.”

The CDC, having made a majority of the people so poor, some of its partisans in power are now presenting themselves as saviors of the poor. He continues “the Liberian people know better; they will not accept this falsehood.”

CDC, he mentioned has become a producer of poverty in Liberia therefore, the Liberian people will not vote for the party in 2023 saying “the Liberian people will definitely vote CDC out of office in 2023.”

He claimed for the Liberian people to make progress, CDC must be kicked out of office in 2023.

“These people are virtually living in heaven on earth. The question is where are they getting all this money from? How come in less than four years some people in government, who were even struggling to pay rent, or buy a gallon of gasoline for their tiger-generators, have become so rich and most Liberians so poor.”

According to him, the CDC government is stealing the people’s money which is one reason why Liberian people should not give what he termed as bunch of dishonest people a second chance to control our resources.

“Our civil servants and law enforcement officers who have reached retirement are not pensioned in a dignified manner, but are treated with total disrespect as if they are criminals and many of them go through difficulties to even get their first retirement pay. Should a government that treats its civil servants like criminals be given a second chance.” ? No!

He furthered that a government that says it has surplus, but cannot pay domestic debt and thereby strangulate Liberian contractors and other business entities should not be given a second chance to lead.

“Should a government that built paved roads, largely, to communities in which top government officials live be given a chance? No!”

The human rights lawyer contended that a government that travels with large delegations and engages in wasteful spending abroad should not be given a second chance.

Gongloe is noted for his loyal and helpfulness in pleading for the poor and less fortunate throughout his career as lawyer.

He served for four years as executive assistant to the interim president of Liberia from the end of 1990 to March 1994; as Solicitor General from 2006 to 2009 and Minister of Labor from mid-2009 to 2010 November, as well as working briefly as a United Nations Observer in South Africa in 1994 and an electoral consultant with Carter Center in Ethiopia in 2005 followed by serving as President of the Liberian National Bar Association.

Gongloe says he cannot give excuse anymore that he has not attained the requisite experience to serve his country as president considering the untold suffering the majority of the population is going through.

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