GoL Threatens Legal Actions!


MONROVIA-The Liberian Government through the Ministry of Commerce has threatened legal action against anyone hoarding Liberia’s staple food (rice).

Commerce Minister, Marwine Diggs at a press conference in Congo Town over the weekend said there is no shortage of rice in the country and the Government will not allow any business entity that will fabricate the shortage of rice.
Minister Diggs said there are sufficiency stuck of rice in the country, stressing that there is no need for Liberians to panic.

She further disclosed that the Ministry through the Inspector General will deploy inspectors across the country to ensure that those businesses that are selling the bag of rice outside of the approved rate of 13 for wholesale and 13.50 for retail are brought to book.

Minister Diggs said collectively the five major importers approached the Liberian Government to increase the price of rice by two United States dollars as results of multiple globe supply of rice change challenges.
She told the media, the Ministry has been monitoring the global shock and from all indication, rice prices have increased in neighboring countries but was quick to say the government is engaging with the importers in addressing their concern.

Minister Diggs urged Liberians to notify the Ministry of Commence of any incident of hoarding or increase in the price of Liberia staple food (rice).

She further disclosed that business owners who are buying more commodities of rice with the intent of hoarding should desist adding, the Government will take action through the legal process.
At the same time, there were news that some individuals are involved in purchasing rice to make profit in neighboring counties that have increase in the price of rice.

But speaking to said issue, Commerce boss discouraged those who are in such habit.
Liberia Minister of Commerce further urged the Media to support the ministry in its quest to take legal action against those business entities that will engaged in acts that have the propensity to cause panic in the country.
According to her, the action by those business owners to hoard or increase the price of rice is a threat to everyone in Liberia.

She encouraged Liberians not to give credence to anyone who will create a situation that will take to country to a situation that have the propensity to under the peace and stability of the country.
Additionally, the Commence boss disclosed that the ministry and the Management of APM Terminus had discussion to ensure that there is a free flow of trade.
Minister Diggs confirmed that there is a challenge with APM Terminus that have been raised and they are engaging the Management in finding a solution through dialogue.

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