By: Mark B. Dumbar

MONROVIA-The Government of Liberia has committed $ US 1.8 Million to augment the salaries of Health Workers in the country.

Speaking Friday, March 24, 2023, at the 3rd International Community Health Workers Symposium at the EJS Ministerial Complex in Congo Town, Liberia’s Vice President, Jewel Howard Taylor announced such an initiative and noted that the Government will always endeavor to provide the needed support for Community Health Workers.

According to her, the Government will continue to provide the needed support for Community Health Workers, across the country.

Madam Taylor mentioned that Health Workers in Liberia have played significant roles to ensure that basic health services are provided to Citizens of Liberia.

The Liberian Vice President noted that the Government is prepared and committed to providing the necessary support to Community Health Workers in Liberia.

She mentioned that the Government is committed to ensuring that all Liberians have access to health care in the country.

She commended Health Workers for their dedicated roles in the fight against Measles, Covid-19, Malaria, and Malnutrition among others.

Vice President Taylor called on International Partners for their continuous support of the health sector of Liberia.

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