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….Minister Coker-Colins Urged VVTC Graduate to Pursue Vocational Skills


By Washington Tumay Watson –onewash9@gmail.com.

MONROVIA-Public Workers Acting Minister Ruth Coker –Collins has   encouraged Liberian youths, especially females to pursue vocational and technical educational skills.

Minister Coker-Collins said acquiring vocational and technical skills at any level is part of building such person’s ability to contribute positively to nation building.

She said there is no knowledge acquired through vocational institutions that is not impactful to the society.

Speaking  during  the graduation of  the Versatile Vocational Training Center  on September 25, 2021 ,  the Liberia Public Works Boss  further disclosed  that  through vocational and  technical education  is key  to  the developmental   and reconstruction of  Liberia.

She however  disclosed  that Liberia  is a developing country, stressing  that one of the components  in  the  sustainable development goal six  with focus  on the eradication of poverty  in all forms  that include youth development.

Minister Coker-Collins attributed the acquiring of vocational skills to the eradication of poverty that of which Liberia is not an exception.

She extoled  the administration  of the  VVTC for providing  opportunity  for  the young people  and  others   who  have taken  their  time  to undergo  through a year of acquiring   vocational skills  that will empower  them  for  the greater good of the country.

She urged  the various learning  institutions  to include vocational component   that will prepare  a graduate  from  high school  to have a skill  to begin within  the community  as self-reliance  to contribute  to   the economic development of  the country.

The Public Works Boss challenged the young   people to always strive for knowledge at all times.

According  to her ,  the Ministry of Public  needs technicians  and   through  the various technical skills  that  the Young  people  will acquire;   that  will  make  he or she competent  to take on  such capacity.

She also unveiled the Ministry of Public Works cooperation with the Versatile Vocational Training Center by incorporating their students for internship.

Minister Coker-Collins  promised  the graduate  of  her continued  support  in any way   that she can assist  in moving  their   vision  to  the larger society.

Also speaking  was  the Founder and Board Chairman of  the Versatile Trust ,  the owner of Versatile  Vocational Training Center  that runs  the Lewis Togba School of Journalism and Media Services ,Lewis Togba  used  the event  to urge president George Weah  to focus  on  the empowerment  of private run vocational  institutions across  the  country.

According to him,   the private Vocational Institutions are buttressing the Government’s development drive through   human resource development in skills.

He however called on president Weah not to give credence to negativity by those who are not contributing to the transformation of the country, but focus those   in the development of the country including the Vocational institutions.

For his ,  the Executive Director VIT  Teenecee   Togba  said  the establishment  of  the Institute   was  to help  in  the difficult and challenging Liberia Human Development Capacity  to provided livelihood to disadvantage youths , single mothers  and street kids as well as  hard  to enter universities young people.

According to him, since   the establishment, it has been engaged in the TVET Sector providing life skills training for over 120 Liberians most of whom are contributing to their survival and national development.

The graduates obtained diploma in Electricity, plumbing, Journalism, Tailoring and Fashion Design, Catering among others.

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