Global Bank Admits Discrepancies

By: R. Joyclyn Wea

MONROVIA-Global Dank Liberia limited through its Regional Manager for Marketing Nneka Daniels admitted to discrepancies discovered on Kailondo Petroleum Account with the bank.

The complaint was directed to the Managing Director of Global Bank of which a committee or auditors were set up to look into the customer’s complaint; Madam Daniels told the court during cross-examination on Thursday, April 7, 2022 as the bank’s first witness.

The bank is facing criminal prosecution at Criminal Court “C” for theft of property, criminal conspiracy, forgery haven’t allegedly stolen over five million from the business account of George Kailondo.

While it was her obligation to have sat with the customer to look into his complaint and reconcile his account as head of marketing, Madam Daniels and the bank failed to do so despite Kailondo’s communication calling their attention to the malpractice.

Daniels did not deny nor confirm whether the bank at the time Kailondo raised the concern did reconcile his account, but said a team from the bank and Kailondo met and looked into the complaint saying, “but I was not part of that.”

To this prosecution gives notice to the court that it will produce a rebuttal witness to rebut the testimony provided by the Bank Regional Manager.

Similarly, during on the direct examination in respect of the bank guarantee facility on behalf of Kailondo petroleum in favor of Srimex Oil and Gas, Kailondo had cash pledged of US$483,400.00 Daniels mentions that said cash pledged by the management of Kailondo petroleum was into an escrow account as part of the condition of the facility.

According to her, Kailondo petroleum is one of the bank’s facility customers, meaning Kailondo is being granted facilities of different kinds by the bank.

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