Glarkon District wants Health Care, Ambulance, Others

By Mark N. Mengonfia-

GLARKON-GRAND BASSA-The issues of health care, education, ambulance, youth development, road connectivity have topped the basic needs of citizens of Glarkon Statutory district in Grand Bassa County District two.

The citizens at a town hall meeting in the district said the government of Liberia needs to ensure that they in the area get functional health care facilities, built for them a health care, provide for them an ambulance, built for them bridges and youth center.

The citizens said the roads leading to their district are made out of logs bridges, something they said is not good for them as a people.

They were quick to say that they need concert bridges for easy travels in the area.

Although they have challenges, but in their struggles they praised their district lawmaker, Mary Kawor for the level of work done by her thus far, but quickly they said much needs to be done for the people of the area.

Sulay freeman spoke for the traditional woman of the area and in her statement, she said,” my presentation represent the traditional women of this area. If we will look back in our history, it is during your administration that we can sit with you to discuss.”

As part of Madam Freeman’s request to the Liberian leader she said that school system of the district is declining by the days because of lack of teachers who are willing to each kids of the area. She as well spoke of the need for the Weah led government to empower the women of the area with loan enable them have businesses that will help the put food on their table and at the same time enroll their kids in the available private schools in the area until government can meet their needs.

She at the same time  stressed that those women of the area die in child birth due to the lack of proper health care delivery in the area.

The request for school was not just made by Sulay Freeman, but other women who met and greeted the president briefly in Duah’s Town said the issue of their children’s education is what matters to them now.

One of them said, “the only public school here have teachers, but the teachers sometimes do not come to teach our students for over two to three weeks.”

Another lady said, “We want the president send teachers to our town for our children to get educated.”

Also in an exclusive interview with the New Republic Newspaper, old man John W. Gbogar said the two institutions [Wakey and ITC] that are operating logging in the area are not doing well for them as people of the district.

Old man Gbogar said they as a people are not benefiting from the logging institutions that they said have used and damaged the bridges constructed by Concern World Wild.

Bone, grow up and aged in the area, old man Gbogar wants the government prevail on the logging companies  to improve the condition their roads.

“Our think is that the coming of president would have helped us for the enlargements of our roads, but it was not done so, we did it by ourselves” old man Gbogar said.

“When our people get sick, we go to Buchanan” he said

Responding to the citizens’ request, president Weah said, “It is not easy for people to believe in you when they not know you.”

The president told the people of the area that he will ensure that he will carry out developmental initiatives in all the 15 counties.

“I am here today to tell you thanks for  electing me as your president”


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