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As SnooCODE To Transform Healthcare In Liberia

MONROVIA- In a year’s time, a resident of West Point Slum, Monrovia, who has fallen critically ill can mention his/her six-digit address code to a helpline operator and receives first aid medication right at the front door.

This is possible, and thanks to an initiative by the Liberian Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications in collaboration with SnooCODE Limited to develop a National Postal Digital Addressing System (NPDAS) for Liberia.

This NPDAS, which works with satellite systems to create a proprietary system that assigns every location on the planet with a 5-7-digit alphanumeric code, will allow anybody anywhere in Liberia to generate a memorable 5- to 7-digit address code that is unique to his/her location (e.g., Monrovia 499-GUA) and shares it with trusted contacts to direct them to the exact location using any mobile phone mapping system of their choice.

The Ministry organized a media event in April to officially unveil the NPDAS Project to relevant stakeholders.

According to the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Cllr. Kruah, the NPDAS Project is one of several important interventions aimed at improving Liberia’s response to emergencies.

As part of the project, plans are underway to develop a custom integrated solution for Liberia, based on the SnooCODE digital addressing technology, and this will make it possible to optimize healthcare logistics including Emergency services and Public Health logistics, as well as integration into emerging technologies like drones for medical deliveries to remote areas.



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