General Liberia News: ‘WE ARE DESERTED’

…Over 60 Foreign Mission Staffers Decry Abandonmen

By Mark N. Mengonfia

MonroviaReports reaching this paper speak of unbearable conditions being faced by dozens of Liberians deployed at various Liberian embassies in foreign capitals due to alleged failure by the government of Liberia to give them financial considerations as in salaries and rental fees.

A Foreign Service employee identified as Mary (not her real name) told this paper how the government of Liberia is yet to pay Foreign Service staffers, let alone communicating to them as to the reasons why their salaries are not forthcoming.

in addition to them not being paid to date, Mary said the Government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has is yet to provide them any feedback relative to the “Investigation” conducted to establish “who is who” at Foreign Missions.

Recall that the current administration is on record complaining of meeting blotted payroll for what it terms ‘unorthodox employment or placement of thousands of personnel’ by the immediate past Government of Ex-President George MannehWeah.

“Since the team that was set up to do the investigation as per the entire exercise and submitted its report to the Minister for onward submission to the President, nothing is done, no information and feedback,” Mary disclosed, though this paper couldn’t verify her assertions.

“We are just here unable to make any moves, no salaries and the rental fees have increased” she emphasized to indicate the seriousness of the situation she and her colleagues are experiencing.

“No one is speaking to anything and time is passing every day.  Almost 6 months now, no pay and no rent,” she added.

Mary said there was no need for the government of Liberia through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to pussyfoot or play game, but rather come out with whatever decisions derived so far.

“if they want to recall us, they should do it as fast as possible because we are not taking pay & receiving rental fees,” Mary said in a rather bawling voice.

Asked as to whether they have already reached out to the Government on the matter, she responded in the negative, stating they are afraid to openly speak for fear of unspecified administrative actions.

According to her, they and immediate their families had thought that being employed and sent to Foreign Missions during the former administration would have brought financial up-liftmentin their lives, but they are now witnessing a huge divergence.

She said the unfortunate that the government is yet to make any formal decision in their status in those foreign countries, a situation she said is undermining their movements at their various places of assignments.

As a result of what she described as terrible neglect on the part of the government, they are only surviving on friends or other family members.

In spite of the conditions being faced currently, Mary expressed hope and confidence in the government to see reasons to pay their salary retroactively in order to save their faces from shame.

“We hope our salaries and rental fees will be paid because we were employed by government and not individual or party,” she said in an angry tone.

Dozens of Liberians scattered across different Continents where Liberia has embassies often endue unfavorable treatments or financial constraints either due to delayed payment of salary or other factors beyond governments’ immediate control.

In an effort, this reporter did an official email to Emmanuel Mensah and also communicated with Saywhar Nana Gbaa both of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but are yet to reply.

Any respond from the Ministry, this story will be updated.

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