Gender Minister Urges MeN to Report Violence Against Them

By: Mark B. Dumbar

MONROVIA-Gender Minister, Dr. Willamette Saydee-Tarr is calling on men in the country to report cases of violence against them by women.

Speaking recently at the regular press briefing of the Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism, (MICAT), Minister Tarr said the doors are open to every man to report cases of violence against them by any woman in Liberia.

She encouraged the men to report their cases at the Ministry of Gender immediately whenever a female carry out any violent act against them.

Saydee-Tarr noted that in the same way women can take their cases to the Minister against men, men too must report their cases against women to the proper authorities.

She furthered that if the men are ashamed of going to the Ministry to report cases of violence against them, they can contact Councilors at the Ministry of Gender for redress.

According to her, Liberia men are not in the habit of reporting cases of violence by women against them and so many believe that the men are the most violent people.

“We women can sometimes carry out violence against men,” she disclosed.

She urged Liberia men to contact the Ministry of Gender hotline if there are cases of violence committed against them. Saydee-Tarr noted, “Just contact hotline 116”.

She also encouraged Liberians to report any violence cases from communities on the hotline.

Madam Saydee-Tarr advised men to report cases of violence committed by women to the GBV Section at the Ministry of Gender.

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