Geevon-Smith Begs Supreme Court

By Reuben Sei Waylaun

RIVER CESS-The ‘Senator-elect’ of River cess County, Wellington Geevon-Smith is begging the Supreme County to ensure justice in the electoral dispute emanating from the December 8, 2020 Special Senatorial Elections and the National Referendum.

The National Elections Commission (NEC) declared Geevon-Smith(journalist), an independent candidate winner in Rivercess ahead of his main challenger, Steve Tequah. But Mr. Tequah rejected the results announced by the NEC citing ‘irregularities and fraud.’

After hearing into the matter, the National Elections Commission called for recount in seven of the polling centers in the county. Following the recount, Geevon-Smith obtained a total of 3,302 votes or 23.3% and his main contender, Steve Tequah got 3,248 votes or 23.0%.  This means the vote difference is 54.

Mr. Tequah has again rejected the recount citing ‘inconsistency’ he said continues to show following the counting process

Addressing reporters in Monrovia Monday February 8, 2021, Geevon Smith announced that he has taken an appeal to the Supreme Court in order to ensure justice following the rejection by Tequah and the delay from the electoral body.

The former Rivercess County Superintendent lamented that what is now happening at the NEC is what he calls ‘telephone justice’.

He alleged that somebody somewhere is playing game, but the Supreme Court needs to ensure that he is not denied justice and he must be declared winner following the recount after obtaining 54 votes which he said is more than the normal 50 or below votes that require recount.

“He has problems with seven polling centers and the NEC conducted a recount. After the recount I won again with 54 votes difference. I won on December 8, but my opponent is still complaining and wants recount in the entire county. This is very bad for our democracy,” Geevon-Smith told reporters during a press conference in Monrovia.

The Board of Commissioners of the National Elections Commission (NEC) has Friday ordered another recount in the disputed December 8, 2020 Senatorial election, this time in 104 polling places across the County.

Commissioner Boakai A. Dukuly,  said the BOC notes that the recount of 7 polling places out of 111 confirms that an appreciate number valid votes were counted as invalid votes on 8 December 2020 in the Special Senatorial Elections.

“It’s essential to our democracy that ballot must be accurately counted, and when necessarily recounted. This BOC believes that in order to assure Rivercess voters that their votes were counted for their respective candidates on 8 December 2020; recounts in the 104 polling places were ordered,” Commissioner Dukuly said.

The Board of NEC took the decision Friday following the action of ruling into the bill of Information filed by Independent Candidate Steve Tequah against NEC and Independent Candidate Geevon-Smith.

However Geevon-Smith wants the Supreme Court of Liberia to ensure he gets justice.

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