Ganta-Sanniquellie Road Cutoff

By: Washington Tumay Watson –

MONROVIA-The Liberian Government through the Ministry of Public Works is faced with serious road connectivity challenge across the country as one of the major road linking Ganta to Sanniquellie has  been cutoff.

Report  from Nimba County disclosed that Sanniquellie road is cutoff due to flooding of river that destroyed the bridge thus preventing  vehicles and commuters.

According to the information, citizens and motorists are unable to cross from either side. A journalist in Nimba told the media that a truck carrying over two hundred bags of 25 kg that tried making its way through the damaged bridge could not get through  because of the level of damage done by over flooding river.

The road leading from the commercial city of Ganta to the Capital City of Sanniquellie is under construction, a process the government of Liberia has said is going will.

The cutting off of the road has totally disconnected residents of Sanniquellie from Ganta because the river has taken away the de-tour that was constructed by the company that is currently working on the road.

Since the information on Wednesday September 1, 2021 the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Public  works is yet to  officially  inform  the public regarding  the reconditioning of the bridge to relief  the people of  Nimba County, especially Sanniquellie.

Bad roads are part of the major challenges that the people with in the rural places of Liberia are faced with especially during the rainy season.

This road inaccessibility of the country was inherited by the Coalition for Democratic Change led government headed by President George Weah whose visions and aspiration, mostly to find a solution to the aged problem that the country is facing since its independence in 1847.

President Weah in an effort  to relief Liberians  from such constraints, especially those of the rural parts of the country, his government has been keen on soliciting support and funding to construct all of the high ways  across the country.

According to him, if his government does not achieve any of his deliverables before the end of his constitutional mandate, connecting all of the capitals with paved roads   will be a success story of his government.

It was in this light that during the groundbreaking ceremony of the Roberts International Road, President Weah described himself as bad road medicine, who is ready to provide road medication across the country by connecting every county capital through road network.

The Liberian leader reiterated during his county tour that his government is building roads and connecting county capitals across the country unlike   the previous government.

But president Weah assertions that he is the bad road medicine, citizens of Nimba County are facing with serious challenge with roads connectivity.







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