“Gangster Tendency “


-As Chief Cyril Allen Accuses VP Taylor Of Bribery; CDC Appoints Special “Mediation Committee” To Resolve Recent Disagreements In NPP

Former Chairman of the National Patriotic Party (NPP) Chief Cyril Allen has accused the Vice President of Liberia and standard bearer of the NPP, Jewel Howard- Taylor of paying eleven counties chairman US$600 each to persuade their delegates and sign the resolution to appoint individuals she selected at the just ended party’s convention.

Speaking on a local radio talk show, Mr Allen announced his dissatisfaction in the manner in which the convention was carried out and termed it as “gangster tendency “.

At the convention, Allen said four (4) of the 11 chairmen sought advice from him as to whether they should accept or decline the offer from the Vice President thereby making him to know the Vice President’s deeds.

He added that the standard bearer went against the party’s constitution by getting elected for the third term which she is not qualified for because standard bearers only serve two terms as instructed by the constitution even though she has not ended her second term and still has two more years to go.

According to him, the Standard bearer carried out block voting to elect officials of the party on the day of convention which also is against what the constitution of the party and vowed not to support the leadership she appointed.

He disclosed that there is a recording in the possession of some partisans of the party where the voice of Madam Taylor was heard in a meeting telling attendees that she was going to disregard the process of the convention and do exactly what transpired at the convention.

“Jewel Howard Taylor has financial and paramilitary forces to disrupt the convention that’s why she succeeded “ Allen stated.

However, he maintains that Sen. James Biney is still the National Chairman while Vice President Taylor is the standard bearer of the party and calls for harmonization of the both fractions.

“ I support the party’s constitution and not an individual”,he claims.

It can be recalled days ago, the National Patriotic Party had its 7th Biennial convention at the Paynesville City Hall that was disrupted, marred by violence and sadly the death of one of its partisans. The violence was orchestrated by the two factions within the party that support Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor and Senator James Biney respectively.

On the other hand, Chief Cyril Allen has reiterated his support for President George Weah’s second term bid and said he doesn’t see any candidate vying for the presidency that will do something better than what the current President is doing.

He calls on President to change any official of Government who is not serving diligently and be replaced with individuals who wants to serve, be it Partisans or nonpartisans.

He calls on the opposition to be creative and create jobs for Liberians and not limit it to the government only and stated that the Alternative National Congress political leader, Mr Alexander Cummings is a conventional bureaucrat who has not demonstrated that he’s a dynamic leader like President Weah.

He also mentioned that former Vice President Boakai is not a good leader and later said Cllr. Tiawon Gongloe has not done anything for himself neither for Liberia to be voted as president.

He narrated that. Cummings asked for his support during the 2017 elections but he declined and advised him to start his political journey with a legislative seat in his county which will prepare him for the presidency and stop spending money to make himself president and not building constituency nor Human Resources at the district level which makes him no different from the other politicians.

At the same time, he called on Dr. Togar McIntosh and Amb. Lewis Brown for their political inconsistency and support for the ANC political leader which he brands as selfish as it is been done because of personal interest and not because they believe Cummings can deliver better than President Weah.

“Togar McIntosh cannot even win a small seat in Rivercess County where he’s from, he cannot win Rivercess for Cummings “. Cyril Allen said.

Meanwhile, in consultation with the Governing Council, the National Executive Committee of the Coalition for Democratic Change, with immediate effect has  appointed what they called  a “Dispute Resolution Committee” to mediate lingering disharmonies in the NPP that appear to have exacerbated during its recent convention in Monrovia.

In a release signed by CDC Chairperson, Mulbah K. Kulu stated that the NPP Special Mediation Committee, as it will be known, is authorized to, amongst other things, fully investigate post-convention controversies alleged to have emerged out of the NPP’s 7th biannual convention and submit recommendations to the party’s leadership for a sustainable resolution.

Consequently, the National Executive Committee of the Coalition for Democratic Change anticipates a finished report from the committee in 14 days.

Expected to report in 14 days, the Mediation Committee shall by Tuesday, 25th October 2022, deliver a full report in which recommendations accompanied by action plans, will be enclosed.

In furtherance of the rule of law, and as the NPP Special Mediation Committee remains seized of the matter, the Coalition for Democratic Change requests all parties to refrain from public comments that impugn the integrity of the investigative process or bring the party into disrepute.

Therefore, the following individuals are appointed to the membership of the NPP Special Mediation Committee:

1. Cllr. Charles Gibson, Chairman

2. Hon. Moses Y. Kollie, Co-Chairman

3. Henry Fahnbulleh, Secretary

4. Prof. Wilson Tarpeh, Member

5. Sen. Richard Devine, Member

6. Cllr. Edward K. Goba, Member

7. Hon. John T. Richardson, Member

8. Madam Lydia Nimley, Member

9. Hon. Jefferson T. Koijee, Member

10. Garbla V. Williams, Member

11. Hon. Reginald Sokan-Teah, Member

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