Gambian Youngest Lawmaker Receives African Iconic Award in Liberia

By Mark N.

KAKATA-The election of the youngest Parliamentarian in the Sahel Region from the Republic of The Gambia, Abdoulie Njai has sent a message to young people of the African region.

This has encouraged many young people to look toward changing the narrative and engaging into ventures that will bring the wanted change they desire.

His election is pushing many young people to step outside the box and begin to venture into taking the mantle of leadership in politics.

Njai, age 26 was recently elected into office as an independent candidate to Parliament for Banjul Central.

When he received an invitation to visit Liberia, the youthful lawmaker honored the invite and served as a guest Speaker at the 5th Annual Youth Education and Leadership Conference of the Youth Network for Positive Change, (YOUNETPO).

After encouraging the young people, little did he know that he would have been presented with an award “AFRICAN ICON AWARD?”

The award was bestowed upon him by a youth organization, the Youth Network for Positive Change (YOUNETPO) at an annual three-day engagement with young people from different countries and the 15 counties of Liberia.

The group said they were moved by his selfless devotion to his services to his people, his dedication of him to humanity.

Not only are the above the reasons for honoring the youthful parliament member, but his courage to have defied all odds in representing young people at that level.

Amb. Leo E. Tiah said the election of the young man with his story of his has inspired a lot of African youth and he called members of the delegates at the conference to copy from the Gamba.

When he was handed the award, MP Abdoulie Njai was very emotional, fighting his tears from falling.

Two different times he was unable to speak a word, but he encouraged himself and said, “It is a great honor for me to receive this special African Iconic Award. I would like to thank all of you who believed in me and joined me in this unforgettable journey, most especially Team Andandorr.”

You have been standing side by side with me in all my endeavors. This is a true definition of the ripple effect that can be generated when youngsters help one another.

He said the honor was not for him, but for those young people who believed in him and asked him to contest.

“I consider myself lucky to have received this award from The Youth Network for Positive Change who are changing lives by the day. I hope to continue doing my best in the future to stand for young people and Africa as a continent” the young lawmaker said with a bright smile on his face.

He described the award as a significant milestone in his life.

“I extend special gratitude to my parents, the people of Banjul Central Constituency, and my comrades for giving me the opportunity to serve them in this capacity as a young person, he said.

He added, “An unbounded gratitude to The Gambia National Assembly for supporting me in my journey. It is an incredible moment for me.”

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