Free At Last

By Mark N. Mengonfia

After about 16 years of playing host to displaced presidents, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is finally liberated from such hypothetical hospitality.

Because the Presidents (former president Sirleaf and current President Weah) occupied the building which should have been the home of only the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there were limited space and too many restrictions for visitors and those who have gone to process their documents.

When there was a delay in the works being done on the Executive Manson, Representative Bhofal Chambers who now serves as Speaker of the House of Representatives was one person who had serious issues with the said delay.

He and others before complained of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s allocation to the renovation of the building describing it as “misapplications” because the money that was being spent on it was more than what was used to have the entire building constructed.

This delay made Speaker Chambers to accuse former President Sirleaf of causing what he called, ‘claustrophobia’ or tight places at the Foreign Ministry.

Although renovation works at Executive Manson is yet to be completed, but current President, George M. Weah has mustered the courage to move in it, thus making space for those at the Minister of Foreign Affairs; as many are now chanting: free at last.

Returning to the Executive Manson this week was one of the colorful days in the history of Liberia.

It was the day President  Weah kept another promise he made that he [Weah] will make efforts to move in the Manson, the official home of Liberian Presidents.

At the official returning home program, President Weah organized a sumptuous dinner for his guests who have gone to celebrate his return home.

The homecoming was marked by dances, performances by Liberian musicians.

President Weah and his wife, Clar Marie Weah danced to the tone of one Daniel George who goes with the stage name Dang Music, “Why I should spoil your name for?”

The stage got flowed up with other national and international invitees when the music, “dance and walk like zombie” was being played.

While other Liberian musicians were performing, President Weah and his guests took tour of the newly open building in a joyous mood.

History of the Executive Manson

Executive Mansion costs prior to the unfortunate situation in 2006 were US$9million.

The renovation costs now (uncompleted costs) according to the General Auditing Commission is approximately US$24,788,101.18 excluding last year and this year’s cost.

It was built during the administration of former late President William V.S Tubman and was dedicated in 1964.

Over 2000 workers, 150 foreign technicians worked on the building that was one of the most beautified Mansions in the West African region.


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