Fractured LP Launches Ventures in Nimba Agriculture

By: Washington Tumay Watson –

MONROVIA-The controversial opposition Liberty Party has embarked on agriculture venture in Nimba County.

The politically-troubled National and Acting Political Leader of Liberty Party, Musa Bility recently in Nimba County told the citizens that the party will support framers across the country commencing with Nimba.

Launching the Party’s agriculture support program for the farmers, Mr. Bility said they are going to empower one hundred and four farms with in the nine electoral districts of Nimba County.

Presenting the farming supplies to the farmers, Liberty Party’s politically-troubled National Chairman disclosed that the party will purchase the agriculture products from the farmers.

According to him,  the agricultural supplies that are given to  the famers are free only intended for  the farmers  to be  in the position to produce more food, especially rice.

The politically-troubled LP National Chairman further disclosed that the party is rehabilitating roads across the nine electoral districts of Nimba County.

He said Liberty Party’s decision to rehabilitate those roads is to give access to their farms and the markets.

 Bility told the people of Nimba County that Liberty Party will undertake more developmental projects that will impact their lives.

He further narrated    that   LP will change the perception of the opposition community by impacting the lives of the people before taking on to power.

Presently, Liberty Party has two fractions, those of the concerned Liberty Party that are fully supporting the suspended Political leader, Senator Nyonblee Kargan- Lawrence   and Musa Bility‘s supporters backed by  the National Elections Commission  that has recognized   his leadership  in line  with  the Party’s Convention.

Bility’s fraction is supporting the Collaborating Political Party with the     Alternative National Congress (ANC) political leader Alexander Cummings, while   the concerned Liberty Party’s members along with the suspended Political leader Senator Nyonblee  Kargan -Lawrence are supporting  the breakaway from  the CPP, Unity Party. 





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