Fostering Peace And Development Is A Must

DISCUSSING THE REPUBLIC OF Liberia, a country founded by freed slaves from the Americas over one hundred years ago, without the mention of its current lugubrious state of under-development, backwardness, fragile peace and security is often an understatement. Liberia, as it is known, is saddled with multiple problems that seem insuperable. This is because the country has had dozens of Presidents watched over these problems who maybe also got drenched with other state matters that did not allow them to effect real-time changes.

EVEN IN THE AGE OF global progressionLiberia seems to remain stuck between moving forward and receding backward. So what is responsible for such national embarrassment is one of several questions still begging for answers. For some Liberians, it is the lack of political will on the part of leaders. For others, it is the outcome of poor management of national resources.

OTHERS WOULD SAY it is the inability of leaders to take practical actions in line with existing conditions. Another group would think is the result of undermining and non-cooperative behavior on the part of those wanting to take state power and doing everything to destabilize the peace of the country, an undeniable ingredient for national development. On top, most Liberians blame the situation on sustained systematic and chronic corruption.

YES, THERE IS NO gainsaying that the Republic of Liberia is so weighed down and crumbling faster than imagined; a situation that can be compared to a star falling from the sky unguided and undirected. But is this the position Liberians, the owners of the land, want to keep their country in? If the answer is no, then what could be the option towards changing the dynamics and resetting the button for national progress and forward match.   

WITH ALL THINGS SAID and doneexperts are of the conviction that Liberia is bound to progress only if it people prioritize and foster everlasting peace, reconciliation and security– three important and germane factors in enhancing national and human developmentGiven the country’s intolerable and austere past of a destructive civil conflict with glaring of trails of socio-economic and political fragilities still, it is strongly believed that nothing is realizable outside of genuine peace, reconciliation and security. President George Manneh Weah understands this rather mathematical formula and has been trumpeting it so well everywhere he goes. 

BEEN COGNIZANT OF HOW important peace is to mankind and the world, God, the maker of the universe, through His Son Jesus Christ said to the Disciples before his death: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give onto you not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not you hearts be troubled; neither let them be afraid. Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” How much do Liberians need to be reminded to seek and foster peace if God himself could place premium on the existence of peace.

 WITH THE ADVENT OF a New Year (2021) – the time everyone looks back and resolved to make amends and resolutions – it behooves leaders and every citizen to make “PEACE” the only resolution for the good of the country and people. Every nation of the world, even the Great United States of America, that has endured different flagellations of civil war and national disasters, had no other options but to seek and foster peace as the only Terminal or Space Shutter to the land of development and progress. 

WE ARE OF THE firm belief that it does not require any scientific research or other postulations to determine what has underpinned or blocked holistic growth and development in Liberia. Rather, it is expected of them (Liberians) to make 2021 a year of peace and unhindered reconciliation, bearing in mind that if Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and many others can progress after years of internal disorders, their country can do the same.

LET THE NEW YEAR inspire each and every Liberia who wants to see their progress to bury the hatchets of hate, undermining and non-cooperation with the government of the day for the sake of peace of national transformation – the ultimate goal so much so desired. Nothing is impossible to mankind with determination and commitment to cause. Believe it or not, there is no better and peaceful Liberia without better and peaceful citizens, and if they believe is the only home they cannot be deported from, then they must put peace at the front-burner of their daily involvements. The New Republic wishes you a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2021. Know that together we are strong and invincible.

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