‘Formulate Programs, Policies, Not Speeches’


-Pres. Weah Says Speeches Hold Liberia’s Development’

By Reuben Sei Waylaun

President George Weah has said the time past presidents took to write all of the best speeches to please people might be the cause of Liberia’s underdevelopment as a nation.

President George Weah 

Speaking recently at the Presidential Special Charity program, the Liberian leader refrained from reading from prepared text as keynote speaker, but chose to speak extemporarily, because it takes too much time to prepare them.

According to President Weah, time spent on writing speeches is better to be spent on formulating programs, policies, planning and build infrastructure.

“Maybe the country is underdeveloped because too many presidents were required to make too many beautiful speeches. When will it ever be possible for a president to attend a function as an observer and just observe the program,” he said.

Meanwhile, President Weah has renewed his commitment in making Liberia what it ought to be as a contemporary country.

He however called on Liberians at home and abroad to joint the development drive of the new administration.

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