Former Rep. Candidate Warns UP Gov’t

Former District #17 Representative Candidate Cecelia K. Kpor has underscored the importance of appointing individuals with Health Administration degrees to lead the country’s Health Ministry.

Madam Cecelia K. Kpor argued that the historical trend of appointing Medical Doctors to administrative roles has hindered the nation’s progress in the healthcare sector.

Madam Kpor who is also a Doctor of Public Health/Epidemiology Candidate noted that while Medical Doctors excel in clinical settings, their expertise may not align with the complexities of health system management something she said the incoming government should take advantage of expertise in various disciplines.

Drawing attention to the successful tenure of Minister Martha Sendolo Belleh, a Nurse with a Master’s Degree in Health Administration during the Samuel K. Doe Administration, Kpor suggested that such individual brings a unique skill set crucial for effective health ministry leadership.

As Liberia approaches a potential shift in government, Kpor warned against repeating past mistakes.

She encouraged a shift in perception asserting that in academia, a Master’s Degree holds a higher rank than a Medical Doctorate.

Kpor emphasized that the title, “Medical Doctor,” signifies specialization in patient care, prompting many doctors to pursue additional education in fields like Health Administration to complement their skills.

The former District #17 Representative Candidate in the just-ended election expressed concern, that without a focus on Health Administration expertise, the incoming Unity Party government may face the same challenges as its predecessors.

She however, called on the newly elected government headed by Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai to not repeat mistakes done in the past by the previous government but cautioned them to be robust in picking ministers and other government entities arrowhead.

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