Former Lonestar Player Urges Citizens To Abide By Health Protocol


–In Preventing COVID-19

Former Liberia Lonestar Player, Janja Innis is calling on Liberians to abide by the health protocol instituted by the government of Liberia to prevent the wide spread of the deadly COVID-19 in the country.

Innis told reporters in an exclusive interview over the weekend that he has observed that some Liberians are still denying the reality of the virus in the country; something he said is dangerous for the country.

According to him, prevention is the best option for Liberians because the country health sector is poor. He pointed out that Western countries with improved health sector are abiding by health protocols as means of preventing the wide spread of the virus while some Liberians are still violating instituted health protocol.

Innis who is a prominent son of Grand Bassa also admonished citizens of his county to avoid large gathering and closely follow the health protocol because the county is bordering with Margibi, one of the affected Counties. He appealed to local authority of the county to institute tough measure so as avoid the virus from entering the county.

He applauded the president for closing Sierra Leone border and restricting the movement of government officials. Innis appealed to the government to close all borders in preventing COVID-19.

Other countries around the world according to him, have closed borders and suspend flight due to the wide spread of the virus. He is of the conviction that Liberia will not record any death especially when the instituted health protocol is followed.

The former Liberia Lonestar Player however appeals to international partners to come to the aid of Liberia in the midst of COVID-19 Outbreak. The outbreak according to him, will affect the country’s struggling economic and therefore international community’s assistance is needed. He urged government officials to also follow the health protocol instituted you health authority.

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