Foreigners Dominate Liberia Private Sector

Simeon Freeman Discloses

By: Washington Tumay Watson –

MONROVIA- ThePolitical Leader of the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC) Simeon Freeman has disclosed that Liberia private sector is dominated by foreigners.

Simeon Freeman is an opposition, but supports the  CDC led Government and always engages in critical discussions;   those of his friends   opposition within the Collaborating Political Parties on national and political issues.

But in his assertion on his official social media   page indicated that the private sector in Liberia  is fully dominated by foreign actors .

“This Method replicates past approaches to national development that neither generated the economically employable jobs anticipated nor was it a platform for equitable wealth distribution, resulting to two outcomes, “he said.

The Liberian Businessman and politician attributed some of the challenges that Liberians are face with in getting employment opportunity to the existing educational institutions across the country.

“The existing educational institution’s inability to create the skills needed to exploit, create opportunities and available opportunities unable to embrace available skills” he noted.

The Former Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf strong critics further disclosed that the type and quality of degree being offered generate outputs fit for public sector consumption thereby increasing unemployment.

“Liberia’s unemployment stands at about 85 percent, according to the international labor Organization (2010) 542 thousands persons are unemployed, 85percent of this number have less than or equivalent to a high school certificate, less than 2000 of the jobs exit in the banking sector” he noted.

Moreover, the MPC Political leader further said the years of selfish governance culminated into leadership changes that ignored the structural challenges.

He said the leadership of the country changes identified people as the problem rather than the required structural reforms that included the Educational institutions that are still generating non-private sector sensitivity products.

Mr. Freeman further disclosed that universities serve as government’s human resources institutions, providing capacities consumed mainly by government ministries and agencies.

“Access to opportunities depends on association with the ruling elites and not capacity “he indicated.


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