For Bridge Of Contract: Bea Mountain To Loss US$40,000.00

MONROVIA-Bea Mountain Mining Company, Turkish Gold Mining Company is expected to loss US$40,000.00 dollars for allegedly failing to meet up with terms and conditions stipulated in a lease agreement entered with the Cooper’s family.

As the result, the Sixth Judicial Circuit, Civil Law Court of Montserrado County had summoned the Management of Bea Mountain Mining Company to appear before it on September 20, 2021 to answer to a petition for cancellation of agreement of lease.

Judge J. Kennedy Peabody threatens to render a default judgement against Bea Mountain General Manager, Ozkan Umurhan and all corporate managers of the mining company in Liberia.

The writ of summons bewailed; “you are further ordered to summons the respondents or defendants herein to file her answer to the plaintiff complaint on or before august 23, 2021, that upon their failure to appear, judgement by default will be rendered against them.”

The court writ of summons grew out of a five counts petition for the cancellation of lease agreement filed against the company by William David cooper, administer of the Cooper’s property in Paynesville which the company is currently occupying.

Cooper in his five count petition pleaded with the court to cancel the agreement of lease and ordered that the petitioner possesses the subject property without a day.
“Order the respondent to pay the amount of forty thousand united states dollars as accrued rental payment owned by the respondent and amount of seven thousand representing payment for the last two years of the period of the agreement,” he pleaded with the court.

Bea Mountain and the Cooper family entered the lease agreement for the period of five years commencing November 1, 2020 to the 31st of November 2025 for a 3.05 lots of land fence with structure thereon lying and located in the Paynesville, area for a rental of US$90,000.00 representing payment for the first, second, third years of rent of US$50,000.00 united states dollars per year payable upon the lease agreement and the balance US$40,000.00 payable on or before 31 day of May.

Petitioner says that in the light of respondent’s failure, refusal and neglect to make payment constitutes a material breach and therefore warrants the agreement to be cancelled.

Petitioner holds that the refusal of Bea Mountain to present a comprehensive and detail rehabilitation and the plan prior to the commencement of the renovation of the subject property in count five of the lease agreement.

The petitioner request the court to enter a cancellation proceeding against respondent and have the existing lease agreement cancelled and that respondent be made to pay full amount of forty thousand united states dollars representing payment for the unexpired period of the agreement.

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