Food lands LMA boss in “Trouble”

MONROVIA-The youth league of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change is calling on its standard bearer  and President of Liberia to investigate two officials of government over their recent display of wealth amidst the prevailing economic situation the country is engulf with.

Speaking at  a news conference over the weekend, Deputy Secretary General for Administration said they need such investigation to be conducted to ensure  that all live within the confine of the pro-poor agenda. He however  did not define what the pro-poor agenda lifestyle is.

Hassan Newland said it troubles them that Emmanuel potter, Assistant Chief of Staff for Logistics

 and Maritime Commissioner Eugene Nagbe will engage  in such act, while the masses  still struggle for better living.

He said that the reckless display of wealth and meals by potter and Nagbe is a raw provocation of share arrogance and total disrespect to the ordinary people who are struggling daily to afford a meal.

Newland indicated that the actions undermine the sense of belongings that they, as youth hope for people at the grassroots level  that  such wealth is at the detriment of the ordinary people.

“We refused to accept that why hospitals are challenged and healthcare system is under attack, to have an assistant minister who earned around US$2000.00 dollars to be parading with a car of such high cash value to the point of pulling Champagne wine on it, we believe that this is unfortunate.”

Newland noted that the essence of the pro-poor agenda is to elevate via majority of our people from the poverty line to an appreciable living standard rather than to enrich an individual at the detriment of the people.

He maintains that the officials’ recent action is a fragrant disrespect to the Liberian people and a complete contradiction to the philosophy and ideology of the CDC.

“While the president is making a serious effort in fighting against COVID-19 menses   that is rising in our country and committedly endeavor to address the economic situation of the citizenry, we sincerely expect his litigants to realistically buttress his effort, instead of having individual who is supposed to be identifying with the situation, showing up with such luxurious car in the midst of all of these issues.”

In a social media post, Potter is seen presenting Audi jeep to his wife as her birthday gift. That was followed by pouring of Champaign  on top of the vehicle. She hugged him saying, what a surprise. 

The group  said they have no interest in how the minister and commissioner spend their salaries, but they want to remind them that the CDC government is a government of the ordinary people and is intended to uplift the lives of the ordinary massive.

“We called on all our partisans and well-wishers to remind focus and not to bow to the reckless display of overnight luxurious on the part of Potter and Nagbe who had betrayed the essence of the pro-poor agenda and engaged themselves of flamboyant life style which is a provocation and irresponsible act.”

But sources close to the party said, the youth league  is being sponsored by some top CDC  officials.

When LMA was contacted, he said, “My comment is no comment.”

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