First Lady ‘Resurfaces’ -Condemns Act Of Rape


By: R. Joyclyn

Liberia’s First Lady Clar Marie Weah resurfaced following several months of absence from active public service, but this time with a condemnation of the alarming rape issue in the Country. 

Madam Weah was amongst several other dignitaries who attended the start of a two day Anti-Rape Road Map conference on SGBV. The conference was in response to the alarming spike in sexual and gender based violence case in Liberia especially in the midst the Coronavirus pandemic.

Recently, some groups of civil society organizations alarmed over the whereabouts of the Liberian First Lady amidst the Coronavirus impact on the ordinary people.

Mrs. Weah

Remarking at the event on September 8, 2020, Madam Weah stressed the need to place more concentration on the precaution and prevention of SGBV rather than punishment; while at the same time calling for a robust awareness in the fight against rape and SGBV.

She further mentioned that the construction of safe homes and DNA machines are all important, but raising awareness on rape and SGBV related issues is much more important in the fight against this crisis.

Madam Weah strongly condemned the act of rape noting that it breaks her heart whenever a child is raped as such; there should be no excuse for committing such inhumane act.

Similarly; the First Lady recommended the introduction of rape education in schools and religious places across Liberia stressing, victims of rape should be protected and perpetrators should be prosecuted and not shielded.

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