Fire Outbreak in Ganta Leaves Many Homeless

By  Mark S. Dahn

GANTA –  A fire outbreak in the commercial hub of Nimba, Ganta has rendered several family members homeless since the inception of this week.

The incident took place in the Gbloryee Community, in Ganta city, Nimba County over the weekend.

As she explained her ordeal in a tearful mood to  the New Republic Newspaper, Ms Munah Toe said the house, which contains three bedrooms, gutted on fire as a result of a fire that was lighted by her little son.

Explaining the cause of the fire, Madam Toe said: “actually yesterday, I was not here, but I left my grandma and my little son here and I went to the farm with my other children.”

In her narration, she said: “I decided to leave the children and go in the market in search of food for the kids.”

All these episodes, she said happened as a result of her grandmother’s absence from the house.

According to her, her grandmother had gone to sympathize with a bereaved friend in the nearby environment.

While away, she said it was by that time  the child took a pack of matches the was placed in the sun for drying purpose, and lighted it in the house; thereby causing the entire building burn to aches.

When the house gutted on fire, out of fear, the child came running and screaming for rescue, but it was late because the entire facility was already engulfed with an unquenchable fire.

Community dwellers on the scene could do absolutely nothing to safe the house from burning according to Ms. Toe.

“When they were shouting, other people came around, but the fire was all over in the house so no way to cut it off , that was  how one man from the drug store up there came and jerk the little boy from the house”, she stressed.

She disclosed that there was no casualty, but all of their belongings including mattresses and clothes got completely destroyed.

Already as a struggling parent, Ms. Toe said the situation has added onto their family another untold suffering.

She is however calling on the government of Liberia, Philanthropic and humanitarian organizations as well as good-will individuals to swiftly come to their aid in re-establishing their home.

She would appreciate any assistance from the public, whether in cash or kind.

Toe revealed that she and her two children are currently sleeping with her friend, while other occupants of the house are left to struggle with sleeping area.

The means of having a daily meal for her  and the kids are usually a major impediment for them,  and with this recent development, she says life has totally failed them.

“I na doing no work or business, because no money, I only used to do tailoring but I stopped now”, she explained.

Fire disaster in Ganta, especially during dry seasons is not strange, evidence by the number of houses that have been destroyed over the years owing to fire outbreak.




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