Findley’s ‘honeymoon’ over

By Joyclin Wea

MONROVIA-Former Minister Gbehzhongar Findley has filed in a non compatibility divorce paper before  Kennedy Peabody, resident circuit judge of the sixth judicial circuit court against his wife Kaddiyatu Darrah Findley.

Findley and his wife have been married  for over ten years during the regime of former president Charles Taylor. All was rosy at the time when madam Darrah was serving as special aid to former president Taylor.

Findley was recently defeated  in the December 8, 2021 senatorial and constitution referendum in Grand Bassa County by two times female senator Nyongblee Kargar Lawrence.

Though not much reason is given for the former public official quest to end his long standing marriage with Kaddiyatu.  Findley claimed he can no longer bear the sight of his wife temper, hence he wants to end the marriage.

On January 15, 2021 Findley filed an action of divorce for incompatibility.

Similarly; madam Findley has been summoned by Judge Peabody to appear before him and the honorable court on or before January 23, 2021 to show reasons why the divorce as preyed for by former Foreign Minister  should not be upheld.

The document reads; “You are further commanded to notify the said defendant or respondent to file her formal appearance and or answer in my office on or before the 23rd day of January A.D. 2021.”

Judge Peabody further threatens to bring down a default verdict against madam Findley if she fails to show up on or before said date mentioned without any tangible reason.

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