Female  Liberian  Returns with Master in Engineering


PAPAPAPAPAA 26-year-old Liberian girl, Lucia Yah Paye-Layleh,  has returned from China where she studied and obtained a Master degree in  Environmental Engineering from  the  Zhejiang Normal University in the city of Jinhua in Zhejiang Province.

Her studies were made possible through a scholarship she sought for herself under which she had to pay half of the cost of her program and the institution paying the other half.

Speaking to a gathering of family and friends on arrival, Ms. Paye-Layleh pledged to put into use the skills she has acquired as a contribution to the betterment of her society.

Lucia is a 2010 graduate of the Joseph Jenkins Roberts United Methodist High School in Sinkor, Monrovia.

She also graduated with honor (cum laude) from the T.J.R. Faulkner College of Science and Technology at the University of Liberia in 2015 with Biology as major and Chemistry as minor.

Shortly before she departed Liberia for China  in 2017, Ms. Paye-Layleh said she was keen to study in the area of environmental protection because “without a safe environment, we all will not make it; we all need the environment to be  safe first before we can be safe.”

She went on to explain that “human existence depends on the environment; and so if the environment is not safe we’re all going to perish.”

She cited “a lot of pollution problems here and there especially during the rainy season in Liberia” that should be of concern to the public and people with the heart and mind to help correct the menace.

Before catching her flight for Asia, Lucia hoped to be successful in her drive, promising if her dream came to fruition “ I will come back to help because in Liberia there’s a lot to be done when it comes to environmental preservation.”

Ms. Lucia Yah Paye-Layleh is the second daughter of veteran Liberian journalist Jonathan Paye-Layleh and Mrs. Kpannah  Jallah Paye-Layleh.

Ms. Paye-Layleh is one of few Liberian  ladies that has acquired such degree.  About  40% of  Liberian ladies  are in the field of business and management. In recent times, there has been call by various speakers for women to enter into the  sciences.TNR

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