Female Candidate Alarms Over Intimidation

Fatu Famatta Sheriff, a Representative Candidate in District #1 Gbarpolu County has alarmed over an alleged intimidation she recently experienced and that is being perpetrated by some male candidates against other female candidates.

Recently, Fatu Famatta Sheriff said she was aggressively confronted by a Representative Candidate identified as Zinnah Norma, along with his team at the UBA Bank on Broad Street. “Mr. Zinnah Norma and his team saw my car parked in front of a bank premises and violently parked their vehicle in front of mine and started verbal confrontation in a provocative, uncivil, aloof and aggressive manner,” she said.

She further explained, “They were very lousy and shouting at me. This ugly incident occurred at the UBA Bank on Broad Street on August 10 at 18:56 in Monrovia. There are security cameras at the bank which I am sure recorded this ugly incident.”

In her opinion, such behavior undermines the country’s democracy, freedom of speech, movement and the rights of female candidates for national leadership. “I think such behavior undermines our democracy, freedom of speech, movement and the rights of female candidates for national leadership,” she added.

Ms. Fatu Famatta Sheriff characterized the situation as a very terrifying experience which she believes should not happen to a female. “I hope this rebellious and reckless behavior should not happen again. For God’s sake, we should be civil and respectful in discussing political issues especially in public spaces. All candidates have signed the Farmington River agreement against elections violence which must be respected by all contesting candidates,” she pointed out.

At the same time, Ms. Sheriff says she concurs with true democracy in which elections are won at the ballot box and not by attacking opponents in public space. “The beautiful people of District #1 Gbarpolu County shall decide who shall be their Representative in October,” she stated.

The female Representative Candidate said President George Weah is an icon of peace and a celebrity whose images can be used in a positive way.

 “To all residents of District #1, Gbarpolu County, please vote for N0. 11 at the ballot box in October for better District #1. Action now, a better Gbarpolu is possible! Together we can do it.”

With said unorthodox act, the Gbarpolu county District #1 Representative Candidate is calling on the National Elections Commission(NEC), COPPWIL/Coalition of political parties women in Liberia, Ministry of Justice , ECOWAS in Liberia,  Liberia, the United States Embassy near Monrovia, and the African Union (AU) in Monrovia Liberia to take note.



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