Fedel Asaad’s Vision Positive


By: Washington T. Watson-onewash9@gmail.com  

MONROVIA-The vice president of Mighty Barrolle Sport Association Basketball, Fadel Asaad has disclosed   that his vision for the basketball team, is to take them to the African Championship.

According to him, the team belongs to the National Basketball Association African league.

Speaking on August 20, 2022 during program marking, Mighty Barrolle Sport Association Mobilization and Fund-Raising Jamboree, the Basketball coach narrated that   he is of the strongest conviction that the team can produce players who will represent Liberia in bigger competitions in Europe and other countries around the world.

”This is what I am striving for right now, we have recruited from every part of the world, everybody knows us for that and I think, we can represent Liberia in big leagues”, he said.

The Mighty Barrolle Sport Association Vice President for Basketball told the gathering   that the success of his team is due to the motivation that he gives to the players.

He further indicated that the team has won several championships under his supervision as coach.

Asaad then expressed gratitude to the Vice President for Mobilization T. Nelson Williams for his efforts    to get on board those old members, stressing that such commitment resulted to jamboree.

“When find out that you got on board, I said we have a winner because I know what you can do, I will support you and stand by you and make show that we success, “he told Mr. Williams.

Asaad additionally said in 2029, upon his return to Liberia to manage his family business, he was engaged in 2010 to manage the basketball team of the Mighty Barrolle as the coach   and at the sometime, Finance the team through his family’s business the Mano Manufacturing Company.

According to him, since then, under his leadership, the team has gone to the final nine times and the team has won multiple championships and cups.

Making special statement, the President of the Mighty Barrolle Sport Association, Alex Tyler praised all of those with in the leadership and members who are fully supporting the Association.

He said going forward, the objective of the Association and his administration is to transform the association.

Tyler said his leadership is working to reactivate   the association’s chapters across the country with a new strategy to engender their direct support to the club.

He said the leadership is taking the team back to the people who are the supporters.

According to. Tyler, as part of their plans, the leadership will formulate a memorial event that will honor past   leaders and key supporters including former players who have over the years, provided their support and commitments to the success of the club.


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