“Feces Floating All Over Our Rooms”

MONROVIA-Each year rainy season, persons with disability at the Group of 77 are often at the disadvantage point as they are visited by rushing dirty water.

The situation is such that their compound is overrun by dirty water and feces from drainage (Soniwain).

Explaining  recently his ordeal, the Group of 77 Region four  Coordinator, Jeremiah Cooper said each year, from June to the end of the rainy season, they always experience the overflowing of the of the drainage.

He said, the situation is such that due to the filths dumped in drainage, it overflows and enter in their various rooms.

He explained that the situation a complete health hazard for them living with disability in that area.

He said, “My brother, the person who gave you this information made no mistake.”

He said while they were at sleep, he heard noise outside by 11: 45pm when persons with disability were crying for help to be rescued from the rushing dirty water which he said ravaged their belongings.

He said, “All over this area was so, so water and feces.”

“It was only God! I just sat on my bed until the water level went down” Mr. Cooper said.

He additionally said, “We had sleepless night when the water entered the compound.”

“Last night my phone was off I would have done the video for you. My brother, feces was floating over the water- running after people in wheelchair. You would have seen people escaping feces to make their ways out” he explained.

He  called  on the City government of Monrovia to help them dig the dirt from the drainage something he said when it is done, the level of water that enters their home is reduce.

“I am asking philanthropic, well-meaning Liberians, humanitarian organizations and even over city mayor to see well they well come to our aid. If they can dig the soni (drainage) to reach down, at least it can curtail water from entering our sleeping places” the Group of 77 regions four coordinator intoned.

Nearly everyone on the bank of the soniwain (drainage) has their pipes connected to it and it is being used as the official septic tanks.

With the concern being expressed by the regional coordinator of the Group of 77, an urgent need to have the place dug properly to give them dignifying life as persons with disability.


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