The Managing Director of the Forestry Development Authority, C. Mike Doyen says, the sector is receiving more funding now than in the past as evidenced by the level of support from Liberia’s international partners. He told a news conference last week in Monrovia.

According to him, they have received US$28 million from some of their partners.

Mr. Doyen said as a sector, they projected the total of US$50 million to be received through grant from partners of Liberia.

To date, two of Liberia’s partners, the United States of America and the government of Sweden have made payments of US$28 million out of the US$50 million they projected as an institution.

Giving a breakdown, Doyen said the United States Government provided the amount of US$20 million while the Government of Sweden provided the US$8 million.

Speaking on the protection of wildlife in the country, he said, as an institution, they will do all to protect wildlife. He added that a young elephant crossed over to Liberia. That they have placed a tracking device on the elephant for location purpose.

The FDA boss said he is of the conviction that the sector will receive more than the projected amount on grounds that many of their partners have expressed interest in investing in the Liberian forest.

He indicated that discussions are ongoing between the FDA and other partners to include European Union and the Government of Germany.

According to him, these discussions are fruitful with those partners which will yield dividend very soon.

“So these are things that we are doing here at FDA” he said.

The FDA boss praised President George M. Weah- led government for lobbying with counterparts outside of Liberia, an engagement he said, has brought gains to the sector.

But commenting on a recent report by a local journalist, Mai Azango of Front Page Africa, he was shocked by her publication in which she wrote that Liberia failed to get some US$16 million because of his failure to attend a donor conference in Ivory Coast.

He said the publication was all lies, adding that at no time was there a donor conference in Ivory Coast at that time as claimed by the publication.

Doyen clarified that the only meeting held in Ivory Coast was a retained discussion on Trans boundary issues which allowed species to freely cross over from one point to another.

“This is a meeting we usually have and it is not a donor conference,” he said.

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