...Mother Sends Out SOS

By: Mark B. Dumbar

MONROVIA-The father of a little child has been accused of beating his child unmercifully thus leaving him with four broken teeth.

The mother of the little boy, Madam Jallah narrating the boy’s ordeal said little Peter Brooks was beaten by his father over the amount of L$900 which he gave the boy for saving to take care of his  Gala Day program.

Madam Jallah further disclosed that Mr. Brook got annoyed over the L$900 issue and strike little Peter on his mouth making him to lose four of his teeth which resulted in a serious medical complication.

According to her, after the incident, they were transferred to the Henry’s Town Hospital in Bapolu County to have little Peter get some medical treatment but were told by Doctors that they could not handle the boy’s situation.

She lamented, “We were transferred to Bopolu Hospital and were informed by the doctor that they could only help us with an ambulance to take us to Monrovia to have little Peter receive some medical treatment.

She disclosed that when they arrived at JFK Medical Center, they were informed by the white doctor that the boy’s major teeth have been destroyed along with three other teeth. Speaking further, she said they were asked to leave the hospital because there was no bed for the boy to be treated.

“We were put outside from the JFK Medical Center,” she lamented. Madam Jallah explained that one goodwill lady took she and her son to her residence in Jacob Town to have the boy get some rest before seeking the face of God in prayer to have him get advanced medical treatment.

Madam Jallah added that the boy’s father is currently behind bar at the Monrovia Center Prison. According to her, little Peter informed her about the L$900 he gave his father to keep for their Gala Day program. “I decided to confirm from his father whether Peter gave him money to keep. I called him on the phone to know if our son has given him some money,” she added.

According to her, the response from her husband was very bad on the phone; so she decided to wait for his return from a nearby village. “He got vex over the phone saying that Peter was not telling the true,” she stressed.

She explained that her husband requested that the phone should be given to little Peter to ask him if he has received any money from little Peter. According to her, the boy admitted that he gave him nine hundred Liberia dollars to keep while sitting in the house on that faithful day.

Madam Jallah said little Peter’s father narrated that his son wants to make him shame and tell others that he stole his (Peter) money. She added that the father of little Peter left the phone and only told his wife that he was on his way home to have the issue handled.

Madam Jallah said that after she has done her bath and went into the room to wear cloth she only heard the father threatening to beat Peter. Little Peter’s mother who is a resident of Bopolu City, informed the public that she lacks the capacity to raise money to have little Peter Brooks get advanced medical treatment; hence she’s appealing to individuals of goodwill to help her in the process.

Meanwhile, for any assistance on the child’s treatment, Madam Yassah Jallah can be reached on 0775180449/0888107656

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