False Indian Pastor Exposed

…Geeta Ashram’s President Sets Record Straight

MONROVIA-The President of Shree Geeta Ashram, Laxmandas T. Bhojwani has exposed an Indian man who was claiming to be a pastor of the Shree Geeta Ashram.

In a communication dated July 30, 2022, Laxmandas T Bhojwani made it clear that Manoj Kumar alias Manoj Kumar Vatwani was only a devotee of the Geeta Ashram.

“He never served as general manager, priest, or pastor of the Geeta Ashram” says Bhojwani, President of Geeta Ashram.

Bhojwani also said, “He was a regular devotee only. All the information being circulated about his position in Geeta Ashram as general manager/priest or pastor is false, baseless, and misleading.”

He said in the communication, “We wish to clarify that Geeta Ashram is operating well as per the Hindu religious traditions and opened to Devotee daily.”

According to Bhojwani, they celebrate all their Hindu festival and other events regularly contrary to claims that in the public about their assembly.

Bhojwani added, “The Geeta Ashram/ Indian Temple has been functioning very well since its inception. Every Sunday we have a regular weekly service from 9 am to 1 pm where we have prayers and hymns sang by the devotees and Priest.

In that communication, the president of the Indian Temple with consent from the board of trustees of the Geeta Ashram appointed his son, Kunal Bhojwani as acting President to look after all the affairs of the Geeta Ashram until otherwise due to his (Bhojwani) health condition.

With the statement from the President of Geeta Ashram clarifying the controversy, it means the secret deals of Manoj Kumar alias Manoj Kumar Vatwani who was carrying himself as the priest or pastor of Geeta Ashram has been exposed and he has no dealing with the institution as its pastor or priest.

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