“Fahngon Talks Like Parrot”


-Kailondo Brands Deputy MICAT Boss

By Esau Farr

Liberian businessman, Atty. George B. Kailondo has branded Deputy Information Minister for Public Affairs, Eugene Fahngon as a ‘Jail boy’ who loves talking like Parrot, saying, “Mr. Fahngon needs prayers.”

Attorney George B. Kailondo

A parrot is a kind of bird that talks too much and copies others’ ways of speaking while also acting as an imitator to confuse other who may try to get use to its normal way of speaking.

The statement comes amidst war of words and counter accusations over a plan demolition of a five story-building under construction by Mr. Kailondo that is said to be in the way of the construction of an overhead road expected to be constructed at the inter-ministerial Complex in Congo Town.

Mr. Kailondo’s structure in question is directly opposite the under-construction inter-ministerial Complex in Congo Town and has since been marked to be demolished by the Ministry of Public Works to give way for the construction of the overhead pathway.

Recently, the MICAT Deputy Minister for Public Affairs, Eugene Fahngon pin-pointed the Liberian businessman’s property as one of the structures to shortly be destroyed as a result of the plan construction of the overhead bridge and reminded Atty. Kailondo and others concerned to take note and act accordingly.

Mr. Fahngon sounded the warning during one of the ground-breaking ceremonies recently carried out by President George M. Weah which he made use of the opportunity to inform critics of that government that those who think that the CDC led Government is not ready for development to think twice as President Weah was ready to deliver on his Pro-Poor agenda by prioritizing road connectivity across Liberia.

In reaction, Atty. Kailondo clarified that he was not standing in the way of development, but that there was a time frame given to him by authorities of the Ministry of Public Works, something that is still pending.

He also used the opportunity and informed the public that President Weah is his friend and will not allow anyone to spoil the friendship between them clarifying that no one can’t put him against the President.

Speaking in an interview with OK FM in Monrovia Wednesday, October 17, 2018, Mr. Kailondo described Minister Fahngon as a ‘Jail boy’ who talks like a parrot and needed prayer.

“Eugene Fahngon is a jail boy who talks like a Parrot,” Kailondo branded Fahngon. He used the opportunity and encouraged Minister Fahngon to stay away from night clubs and focus on the works for which he is being paid with taxpayers’ money instead of talking plenty like a bird.

Meanwhile, Atty. Kailondo has offered prayer to God on behalf of Minister Fahgon to move away from nightclubs for a while and focus on his job.

Deputy Information for Public Affairs, Eugene L. Fahngon

For his part, Deputy Minister Fahngon appearing on the same Okay FM Thursday October 18, 2018 branded Kailondo as semi educated and said he doesn’t know what he’s talking.

According to Minister Fahngon, he is doing the work of the Liberian people and he’s on top of his game.

Regarding the night club issue, Minister Fahngon said Attorney Kailondo is just speaking from gossip and he (Fahngon) doesn’t have the time to go to night club and such information from Kailondo is misleading and shouldn’t be given credence.

He however said he will pray for Kailondo in his church where he (Minister Fahngon) worships.

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