Eye out from Watching Soccer

Buchanan–Grand Bassa –A Senior student of the Bassa High School System in Buchanan Ernest Johnson has loss his left eye,  after he was hit by particle from watching football game  on the field.

Ernest Johnson, 21 years left eye  was affected in  the morning hours of Sunday at the Dirthole Community  football field in Buchanan.

Speaking to our reporter Monday, April 12, 2021, the father said his son was watching his colleagues on the field playing when one of them kicked the football  and hit a stick which went deep into the eye of the victim.

According to Mr. Bob Johnson, Ernest friends tried removing the stick  but failed.

Mr. Johnson said the manner in which the incident occurred is behind his imagination.

He added that his son is one of the  cleaver students in his School that is always making them proud as parents.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bob Johnson is calling on officials of the County, humanitarian organizations and well- meaning Liberians to help him cater to the medical bills and to seek advanced medical treatment.

The victim is presently seeking medication at the Liberian Government Hospital in Buchanan. The total cost is not known.

Ernest Johnson once contested as president of the Student Council Government of the Bassa High school but was defeated by his colleague Arthur Gaye.



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