“Extreme Cruelty”

MONROVIA–The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) has denounced as extreme cruelty the flogging of journalist Winston Blyden of Bana FM on the orders of Montserrado District #17 Representative Hassan Kiazolu.

According to a PUL release, Representative Kiazolu reportedly commanded his bodyguards to whip Journalist Blyden on the grounds of the Capitol Building on Tuesday, June 6, 2023. Journalist Blyden was at the Capitol Building as part of his reportorial function.

In a complaint filed by the management of ADI Communication Incorporated, owner of Bana FM, the Montserrado District #17 Representative identified the reporter as the individual who insulted him and Unity Party leader Joseph Boakai on his show.

The Representative is alleged to have yelled, “Here is the Winston Blyden man who usually insults me and JNB on his show. You flog him”.

In addition to being beaten, journalist Blyden had his shirt shredded, and his phone, a Techno Camon 19 PRO, and $75 and 2,000 LR were all stolen.

The Press Union of Liberia, meanwhile, has condemned Representative Kiazolu’s use of violence as anti-democratic. According to the union, Representative Kiazolu failed in his leadership role when he disregarded all established corrective procedures and incited violence.

According to the PUL, the lawmaker’s behavior is unjustifiable and just exemplifies the unfathomable depth of intolerance in Liberian politics.

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