Exchange Your Money Before March 31

By Mark N. Mengonfia

Monrovia-Jan-12-TNR: The Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) has set March 31, 2024 as the final date for banknotes series 1 and 2 to leave the Liberian market.

The bank is encouraging Liberians and other nationals in Liberia using these notes to take note of the date as the series will officially leave the market as legal tenders.

Authorities at the county’s national bank appearing recently on a radio program, “Money Matters,” said Liberians should start saving their money in the various local banks so that when they do withdraw, they can receive the legal tender of Liberia.

Cyrus Badio’s Money Matters program informed Liberians that those who will not do so and still have series 1 and 2 under their bed or other places other than in the bank; those currency will become useless after March 31,2024 because they will not be legal tender in Liberia.

“This means that anyone in possession of the old banknotes will not use them to buy or pay for any goods and services in Liberia,” a notification from CBL said.

Banknotes Series 1 and 2 are the old Liberian dollar banknotes which should have been removed from the market many years ago when new families of banknotes were printed by the Liberian government.

“The public is therefore advised to have all its old Liberian dollar banknotes exchanged at any commercial bank or

Regulated financial institution for newly printed banknotes and the newly minted coins,” a CBL notification released in Liberia added.

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