EX-Fighter Rapes 14yrs

A former fighter in the Liberian civil war has allegedly raped a-14-year old girl in Grand Cape Mount county.

Hassan Konneh carried out the act last week in the county against the girl whom both of them live in the same house.

Konneh who told police after his arrest that he fought for the rebel group-Liberians United For Reconstruction and Development (LURD) during the country’s civil war, is seeking for forgiveness.

“Hassan lives with the victim’s mother. When the mother left the house, he took advantage and allegedly raped her,” the reporter from a local radio station, Fabric said.
He is a Sierra Leonean who has been living in Liberia for many years.
This is not the first time for Hassan to rape. It was reported that similar act has been done by him in the county. He is currently in police custody awaiting trial.
According to the report, he is appealing to police for his release.
The victim(name withheld) is said to be responding to treatment.
Hassan admitted to raping the girl and is asking for pardon,” the reporter said.

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