-Senate Champlain General Describes Dual Citizenship Bill

By Jackson C. Clay, Jr.

The Chaplain General at the Liberian Senate, Rev. Michael Holder has termed as ‘evil’ the dual citizenship Bill currently before the Liberian Senate for debate and subsequent passage into law.

Delivering his sermon during the Liberian Senate regular devotion Thursday, May 24, 2018, Rev. Holder said this Bill is not in the best interest of the country and its people, and as such it should and must not be passed into law.

“That thing must not be passed into law in this country. The Bill is evil and is not in the interest of the country and the Liberian people,” Rev. Holder stressed.

The Liberian Senate’s prelate indicated that he has spoken against this Bill on many occasions since it was introduced into the country, adding that he would not rest on his campaign against this Bill until it is finally thrown into the dust bin.

He stated that the Bill has an ‘evil motive’ and if the entire country can come together and pray, said motive would be revealed, noting that there is so many other issues in the country that should be prioritized instead of this Bill.

The Pentecostal clergyman stated that instead of government coming to the aid of ordinary Liberian citizens who are not capacitated to develop their life, the government is rather fighting to make foreigners citizens who according to him would take over the land.

“This Bill has evil motive and is not in our interest, so if we really pray about it God will reveal the evil motive to us,” Rev. Holder noted.

The Liberian Senate Chaplain General voiced that he is not afraid of losing his job because of speaking against this Bill, all he cares is to deliver the message of God who had sent him.

Rev. Holder also revealed that there are five prominent individuals around President George Weah that according to him (Rev. Holder) are evil, thus, unless they die, Liberia would not progress.

“When God said I should prophesize that some leaders die, I had to do that so that some leaders must die for Liberia to be released from jail, Liberia is still in jail and it’s horrible and those leaders are in hierarchy of this government,” Holder maintained.

Even though the minister of the gospel fell short of calling those leaders he is speaking about, he narrated that he saw full men in his dream that are making their way or already around the President to carry Liberia backward.

Meanwhile, the plenary of the Liberian Senate is currently debating the Bill for subsequent passage into law.

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