Evangelist Emmanuel G. Wongen- personality of the week

NAME : Evangelist  Emmanuel G. Wongen

Location: Ganta

POSITION: Assistant Programs Manager

INSTITUTION: Nimba Musicians Organization

Specialization: Singer and Song Writer

Entering the entertainment industry of Liberia as kid back in 2009, it was not easy  for Evangelist Emmanuel G. Wongen without any knowledge of where he was trying to go.  The truth here is that his dream was to do all to enter the industry.

But despite that, he still managed to move on. It hasn’t really been a bread and butter game as he anticipated over time because of huge battles musicians  face in the country.

Filled with motivation, the Evangelist, who is popularly known in Nimba as “Little Emmanuel”, is one person who has  braved the storm and making tremendous impact in the industry.

Thousands of people, most  music lovers, have been made to create unspeakable love for traditional gospel music each time they listen to lyrics from  him.

As it is often said, the beginning of everything is a difficult  task, this was exactly inevitable for the young, talented and productive traditional gospel artist.

He said: “coming up as a child, I had a dream to become musician”. He continued: “I started singing songs even when we go for conferences. At times, they will put me on table to sing because I was very short and small.

In reality, he was pushed up on a table to sing and to be seen. But thank God that one day none of the tables they placed him did not break. That would have given him a story to tell today.

Rather, what remains in his mind is, he  was placed on a table. Whether a market table, dining room table, or Church table, he did not say. But the all he knows  he was put on a table to sing; which he did without any fear

To give life to his dream, he later on moved over to Monrovia in 2011 for schooling and there he came up with his first album titled: “If you don’t get to heaven, who will you blame”? an album that brought him to prominence in music.

Though there’s no financial dividends, the young but industrious entertainer has vowed to pursue the path of music as according to him, it is one of the only medium through which he propagates the gospel.

It  has not been rosy for him. He has been hit by other life circumstances, but he keeps his faith in God.

He considers music as a generational gift he inherited from his parents because a lot of them could sing.

But this gift only became known through him when he decided to modernize it by going to studio.

“Music is my dream, music is my gift and when I hear music, it comforts me a lot”, he added.

He is admired and highly respected by his peers and professional colleagues as well as ordinary Nimbaians. He is not a person who loves flamboyant life. Openness to all is his way of life.

Asked why he doesn’t  pour  praises on politicians as of his colleagues do, Wongen, said he wants to lay down a legacy by which he will always be remembered.

He says he promised to lay a pillar not to sing for any politician of ordinary person except God alone. His creator is dear to him.

“When it comes to political songs, I won’t do that because God is the only person we should praise,” he says.

His stance in the field has never attracted any political actor to befriending him as done with others, and he has no regret for this. Evangelist Wongen has always love to do the right thing.

As a family person, he says it is only by the special grace of God that they are surviving.

He writes and sings his own songs as well.

The ever flowing compassion for music has usually pushed him to exploring avenues to improve himself and the sector.

Not being satisfied with his level, Wongen has crowned his talent with additional knowledge in engineering.

This means that he now controls a recording studio located in the Toweh’s Yard Community in Ganta that is providing help to upcoming artists.

At his “Iron Lady Records”, Little Emmanuel said he feels happy serving as engineer and producing songs even for other artists.

He works with artists from across the county in helping them to also come up and add value to the industry.

Little Emmanuel G. Wongen, as he is affectionately Called, says he is willing to work with even secular artists who agree to follow rules that govern his studio.

He continues to give more flavor to the industry. His dream from  Childhood days still resonates and thinks he will do more in the future.

Only his followers and ordinary people will speak of him in time to come.  But whatever the case maybe,  the person who used to be placed on top of a table to sing, is today  singing all alone without any one placing him on any table.

Read next week to see who becomes our next Personality  of the Week.

By Mark S. Dahn, Ganta

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