ERU Officer goes to jail for four years

MONROVIA-The Judge of Criminal Court “A” at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia, has sentenced an officer of the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) for four years at the Monrovia Central Prison (South Beach) for the charger of Manslaughter.

Judge Roosevelt  Z. Willie ruled that Officer James Dumo be imprisoned for four years for recklessly murdering victim Mildred Kumba Tamba with his assigned police service pistol in Paynesville on June 27 of 2020.

Judge Willie adjudged that since the sentence for the crime of Manslaughter is five years and following defendant Dumo pleads and report from his community he is to serve for four years.

Base on convict Dumo’s term of service at the Monrovia Central Prison, Judge Willie subtracted eight months  from four years; meaning the ERU Officer has three years, four months as effective of the sentencing.

“While it is true that the court will exercise justice with mercy, we do not know what he means by forgive him because from what we understand is to allow him go free which this court cannot do but will exercise justice with mercy,” Judge Willie’s ruling said.

Defendant Dumo was disrobed from the police force due to the incident submitted before the Monrovia City Court with a charge sheet alleging that without being exposed to any imminent threat or danger pulled out his assigned pistol and discharged it.

According to police charge sheet, the bullet ricocheted when it hit the edge of the concrete sidewalk at the View Point Community in Paynesville, penetrated victim Mildred’s forehead and resulted to her death.

Although defendant Dumo legally possessed the gun, police said, however, that he failed to abide by the safety guidelines or the four candid rules governing the use of firearm.

Investigators indicated that detailed inquiries revealed that victim Mildred along with other friends including the ERU Officer were at a birthday party at the View Point Community at about 1:00 am, defendant Dumo, his girlfriend Salamatu Kaba, one Randall and another man called Dashekie were walking ahead of victim Mildred Kumba Tamba and her fiance Emmanuel F. Johnson and others who were  ahead of them.

Dumo allegedly started beating on his girlfriend Salamatu Kaba, which prompted Randall and Dashekie’s intervention, telling the defendant to stop, police revealed.

However, police said the accused continued beating his girlfriend, threw her into the drainage and then raised out his service arm and fired a round which then ricocheted after hitting the concrete sidewalk, penetrated Mildred’s forehead.

Police found that victim Mildred was standing on the road about eight feet from defendant Dumo, waiting for her fiance Emmanuel Johnson when defendant Dumo allegedly fired the round which hit her.

 Following the shooting, defendant Dumo attempted escaping  from the crime scene, but he was attacked by an angry crowd who subdued him and took away the weapon.

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