EPA warns Citizens Against Beach Sand Mining


MONROVIA-The Deputy Executive Director at the Environmental Randall Dobayou has warned citizens who are engaged in the act of    Beach Sand Mining to discontinue.

Mr. Dobayou said such act of mining  the sand  from the beach  has  the propensity  to endanger  the lives  of Liberians  within the environ.

Speaking at the Ministry of Information regular press conference Wednesday   Mr. Dobayou said EPA gave permit for sand mining in river and needs to be designated to well recognized area.

“let me tell  this , the mining of sand  is allowed, but it has  to be done sustainably , it has to be done from river , to other designated and well recognize area,” he noted.

Mr. Dobayou further said before anybody mines sand in Liberia, that individual needs to get permit from the EPA.

According to him, before  giving a permit to anyone, the EPA will conduct an impact environment assessment, including the Ministry of Mines and Energy; stressing that it is part of the sectorial lead.

He said  the EPA  regulates  everything concerning  the environment  and  the   Ministry of    Mines and Energy  is fully responsible  for  the mining  of sand.

“Let me tell you, every sand you take from the beach, you are digging our life very close   to the grave,” he indicted.

He said every sand that is mined on the beach, brings the ocean closer to the land something that is wrong on their part.

The EPA Deputy Boss called on the citizens to prevent   people within their community from mining the sand from the beach for the overall good of their community among others.




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