Ensure Safety Measures

MONROVIA-The President of the Association of Liberia Human Resource Professionals (ALHRP), Jonah Soe Kotee, has called on the Government of Liberia including its social partners in the country to ensure adequate safety measures in addressing the protection and benefits of employees within the Republic of Liberia.

Kotee wants the protection of employees through medical and life insurance compensation policies, and also addressing workers interest at workplaces.

He made the statements on May 1, 2022 at program making International Labor Day.

The Association of Liberia Human Resource Professionals boss noted that the ALHRP wants employee’s retirement package to be legislated in order to benefit employees  after the retirement period, and stated that this package must be applied to both the private and public sectors in Liberia.

He said an inclusive environment at workplaces will increase the number of workforce within the various sectors of the country.

The ALHRP boss wants sector managers increase the value of hard work and ensure conducive environment in order to reduce poverty from the growing population in Liberia.

Kotee noted that employers must ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion at work areas through polices.

He also encouraged the Government of Liberia and its social partners to do more by exploring sustainable measures in addressing human development at their workplaces.

The ALHRP president spoke on wide range of employee’s growth and development at the occasion, but ending as calling for collective efforts in addressing employees’ challenges.

The ALHRP is the only human resource professional’s body established in Liberia to address the wellbeing of employees across the country. Its basic objective is to install standards and control across its industry.

Currently, this group has over one hundred and fifty (150) membership.


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