By: MARK B. DUMBAR- dmark@ame.edu.lr

MONROVIA-Deputy Minister for Press and Public Affairs at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism Jarlaweh A. Tonpo has disclosed that enough is enough for Alternative National Congress (ANC) political leader Alexander Benedict Cummings will not be president for Liberia.

Tonpo made this statement following the regular Thursday Press briefing at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism on September 1, 2022.

According to him, the ANC political leader Alexander Benedict Cummings has managed his way into Liberty Party to bring division among leaders of that great party.

He mentioned that Liberty Party was founded under the supervision of late Charles Walker Brumskine standard bearer of this great party.

“His party he founded has been divided because of evil political leader Cummings of the ANC”, he noted.

He stated, “When Cummings was accused he ran to the court to seek redress on the matter.

According to him, now other politicians are accused of corruption and in 24 hours, President George M. Weah suspended those individuals that were involved.

He noted, “That some members of the opposition are saying that the action which President Weah has taken is weak and that those that were accursed, should be dismissed”.

According to him, I was glad when President Weah responded to those evil politicians that, if they feel that he is not best suited to govern the people of Liberia then, they should meet at the ballot box comes 2023.

He stated, “Some of them believe that this country should only be governed by the elite group”.

Tonpo mentioned that someone who was criticized to the lowest by those evil politicians has now success in governing them at their leader.

He further narrated that they never thought that he could get to the presidency of Liberia.

He mentioned that Cummings will never be president of Liberia because of his evil deeds.

“We have packaged him in one corner and he will never become president for Liberia”, he noted.

According to him, if Cummings likes, let him do all the write out and submit it to the University of Liberia for editing and distribe  it in all the Liberia Newspapers, he will not still be president.

He noted, “Cummings has cooked that pepper soup and now we have dish it out for him”.

He mentioned that if you have a godly heart like President Weah, people will continue to go after you and God Almighty will fight your battle.

Tonpo narrated that Cummings want for us to be talking about him so that the Liberia people can hear him but, no that technique will not work.

“As a lecturer of Public Relation at the University of Liberia that technique will not work on me”, he noted.

He noted, “We will pack him in the Ghana must go bag and put him to where he belongs”.


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