Enforce The Austerity Measures


Liberians at home and abroad were in jubilant mood when the news came that the Liberian Government headed by President George Manneh Weah has decided to take some austerity measures aim at reducing salaries and benefits of those in the executive.

This is decision that Liberians have been yearning   for because the annual budget of the country is very huge and actual development is not effective in the country.

The past government of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has 80% of the national budget going toward administrative cost, which means directors, ministers, board members were living and swimming in the resources of the country with majority of the citizens at the disadvantage.

According to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) reports, the unequal distribution of the state’s resources also contributed to the civil war.

Liberians have over the years complained of how the resources of the country are distributed with few individuals in top government positions overly enjoying the wealth of the country without remorse.

They have all the huge salaries, benefits and still corrupting the country leaving the large portion of the country in abject poverty.

Why should an individual earn US$10,000, $15,000 with over 100 gallons of fuel or gasoline, 100 pieces of scratch cards just for 30 days when our clinics, hospitals, health centers, schools, roads and bridges are very deplorable across the country.

Board members who occasionally meet in a month are also beneficiaries of such huge amount at the expense of the country.

We think the decision by the President is laudable, but we want the political will to ensure that the measures are adhered to and those with in such line are in complete compliance to accrue more resources for the development of the country and its people.

A team should be setup to ensure that those involved are in total compliance and anything to the contrary, serious administrative actions should be taken to save the state.

Mr. president, everyone is looking at what you are going to do. This is time to translate your words into practicality.

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