MONROVIA-Two residents of Paynesville Town Hall Community have decried over what they called misusing of the donated Yellow Machine to the Paynesville City Corporation (PCC) that is now being used to demolish homes of peaceful citizens.

According to them, the PCC’s authorities are now using the machine to destroy peaceful residents’ property because of alleged inducements from a lady based in the United State of America.

Speaking in a frustrated mood, Mr. Washington Watson and Peter Mulbah disclosed that they communicated to the authorities of the PCC about the destruction carried out against them by their staff.

Mr. Watson indicated that in their formal complaint was contained a communication to  the authority of the City Corporation stating what some staff members from  the Sanitation Department did in their yard by damaging some properties using the machine which should have been used for other important purposes.

According to him,  Friday, March 21 , 2022  at about 6:p.m., one of the machines’  operators by the name of  Mohammad moved in their yard noting that he had a mandate from the top  to close a hold  that was dug  in  their yard without any formal communication informing the PCC about such action.

According to him, in their communication, they informed the PCC authorities that while closing the two feet hole, the machine scattered a load of sand and the crushed rocks, and bricks including crops among others.

He furthered that their communication informed the PCC’s authorities that there has been a serious land dispute involving one of their neighbors who has claimed that their land was an alley.

She took the complaint to the government department of zoning complaining that a hole was dug on an alley something, she said, is preventing her from entering her property.

After her complaint, the parties were invited by the PCC zoning Division and they provided the rightful information concerning the allegation.

Moreover, their communication indicated that   they were instructed by the City Corporation Zoning Department Director to write a public notice informing the general public that their yard is no longer a road, a copy of the citation was given to the zoning department and to a caretaker of the neighbor’s property.

He further indicated that for about a month plus now, Watson and Mublah said they had been pleading with the PCC’s authorities to launch an investigation concerning the destruction of their properties.

Their plead dropped on a non-fertile solid thus resulting into the City Manager, Stanley Zahn telling them that their staffs were working on the order of the PCC’s authority to close a two feet hole with dirt that was covered.

Watson further indicated that Zahn informed them that their truck load of sand and crops were not destroyed because there were no pictorial or video evidences provided to him.

Moreover, Watson pointed out  that they as citizens  of Paynesville  rights  are most  of the time violated by  those  who are in authority  at  the Paynesville City Corporation  including him and  his brother-in-law.

Watson told  the media that  he was informed that  the lady who requested that the yellow machine  of  the Paynesville City Corporation to move  into their yard  at 6:30 pm  and destroy  their properties was  due  to alleged inducement (money exchanging hands).

Watson told the media that those are the government officials who are not working in the interest of the people of Liberia but are working to make their pockets fat and undermine the CDC-led Government.

He called on President George Weah and Minister of Internal Affairs, Varney Sirleaf to intervene to take out those officials who are in the habit of violating peaceful citizens’ rights.

According to him, most citizens go on the rampage because of the disadvantage meted out against them by that government in top positions.

He said those are people who are reportedly interested in receiving kickbacks to compromise legitimate claims.

He also said that the International Community’s equipment donated to the PCC to help keep the city clean, are now using it to destroy peaceful and poor citizens’ property.


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