Empowering Young People In Technology Is Vital

By Washington Tumay Watsononewash9@gamil.com

MONROVIA-Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor wants Liberians to take some responsibility in finding solutions in addressing the country’s electricity constrain.

Vice President Taylor was speaking over the weekend when she visited a Liberian-owned Business, ECO-Power Liberia, which is engaged in Clean and Renewable solar energy Solutions.

The solar energy is located in the R-2 Community, Roberts Field Highway in Paynesville.

VP Taylor furthered that she was amazed at the initiative being undertaken by a Liberian business owner who has invested in the solar energy sector.

According to her, it is not expected for the Government of Liberia to do everything, stressing that it will be prudent for some Liberians to take on the responsibility to address the issue of electricity, mostly solar power.

The Liberian Vice President said the product and system at ECO-Power Liberia is very inexpensive, emphasizing that an individual can pay for product overtime if that person does not have the ability to pay in time.

“The fact is that we can get light outside the system and I think everyone needs to start to do that,” she said.

The Liberian Vice President further encouraged Liberians to get involved in the usage of solar power and business.

Also speaking was the Chief Executive Officer of ECO-Power Liberia, Vickson Korlewala who appreciated VP Taylor for the visit to his business area. He said such a very important visit was very appropriate.

According to him, Vice President Taylor has a program that is intended to visit Liberian-owned businesses indicating that they were overjoyed that she included their entity in her visitations plan.

He said the administration and staff of   ECO-Power Liberia were grateful to the Liberian Vice President for such a visit as a means of empowering and encouraging Liberians to get involved in businesses.

He furthered that ECO-Power Liberia is looking up to work along with the Vice President in relating to some of her empowerment programs in the area of training.

Mr. Korlewala said his organization is working in nine of the 15 counties of Liberia, emphasizing that they are planning to take their activities across the country.

He said the organization is engaged in providing solar power for homes and businesses per request for such a product.

He added, if individuals or business owners request solar power, a team will conduct an assessment to understand that person or business power needs.

He further disclosed that following the assessment, the team will design the required solar power system and procure all the necessary materials for the solar power system for installation including the after-sales services and maintenance for a year.

Korlewala said solar power is vital for the electrification of homes and businesses with lesser usage of wire.

He also disclosed that ECO-Power Liberia was able to implement programs for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) on Health centers in Grand Bassa, Lofa, and Grand Cape Mount among others.

Mr. Korlewala did inform the media that ECO-Power Liberia is also engaged in providing training opportunities for young people both males and females in solar electrical energy.

According to him, the empowerment of young people in the organization’s way of contributing to the human resource and impactful development of the country.

He said the empowerment of young people is vital to the growth of the country, especially in the area of technology.

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