Emmett Glasco Booted out of COTA presidency

MONROVIA, Emmet Glasco, the president of Cowfield Old Timers Sports Association  was on Saturday, October 23, 2021 booted out of office  by the team due  to various reasons, ranging from incompetence, abandonment, and l lack of seriousness.

A release issued by the team on Sunday said, “The decision was  taken at a mass meeting in  Cowfield.  The decision was reached following the failure of Mr. Glasco to attend meetings over two months and his inability to inform any of  his officials.  His actions affected the team greatly that led to its  collapse.”

The situation which the legal advisors and advisors  of the team deemed was dangerous to the survivability of the team. That, his  retention as president could further harm the team.

“This body has invited Emmett several times through  our official chartroom platform, which all agreed as the medium of communication. But he has not responded. The team is gradually going   down. We need to save COTA,” Cllr. Jimmy Bombo, legal advisor and head of the Elections Commission told the meeting.

Besides the chatroom  communication,  Emmett was called several times by the Team manager to attend meeting  so that he would inform  COTA of his concerns, but failed to do.

“I have called him, but  said he will not come to the team,”  Dia, Team manager informed the team.

After the  decision was taken,  Emmett  descried the members as jockers.

Members of the new interim leadership  are: Augustine Kunu Taylor, president, Abraham Garkeh Foster, VPA, Josephus A. G. Sonniful, VPA, Jerry. Kaizer, Secretary General, Gemel S. Kollie, Assistant Secretary,  Winston P. Joe, Financial Secretary,  Michael  Saye, Treasurer and   Samson  Wilson, Chaplin.

Prior to taking office, Mr. Taylor was the Vice president for Operation under the administration of Mr. Glasco.

The removal has been  greeted with cheers by members of the team saying, “it was a good decision  ever made by COTA.  The team’s first time in the league two years ago,  it took second  place and later fourth place. But the ascendency of Mr. Glasco,  the team took the  13th place in the national old  Timers league Table-LONA.

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