“Eminent Earthquake Zone”


– Residents of MNG Site Describe Dean Town and Surroundings

By Esau J. Farr

Some concerned residents of David Dean Town, the operation site of the Turkish mining company, MNG Gold in Kokoyah Statutory District, Bong County say the area is seen and considered by many as an “eminent Earthquake zone.”

The residents who begged not to be named for fear of their husbands and relatives being sacked by the company said the wave of blasting being perpetually carried out by MNG Gold might just cause an Earthquake to take place in that part of the country.

Blasting is crushing of deeply granted underground rocks on a mining site with the use of (dynamite) heavy-duty earth moving equipment for easy access by miners and crushers.

“My son, the way we are seeing things in this place, one can safely guess that one day in a not too far distance future Earthquake will take place in this area,” the wife of one of the employees of the company told New Republic Newspaper in David Dean Town over the weekend.

Another lady, a business woman who rents a one room apartment told this paper, “My brother, if you are here, especially at night when the people are carrying on the blasting of rocks underground, all the houses you see around here can be trembling and shaking,”.

Earthquake is simply the unusual or irregular trembling or shaking of portion of the Earth usually resulting to the turning of portions or parts of the Earth leading to the destruction of lives and properties.

“The mountain of rocks you see up the hill…,” she said pointing at the mining site, “was built up by the company from a flat ground level,” she disclosed.

David Dean Town which was established as a little village years before the discovery of a gold deposit in the early 1990s now shines and beams with light from both generator and solar panel now has more than five hundred modern homes with thousands of residents from all the fifteen counties of Liberia and foreign nationals of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

The Gold rich region is said to be underdeveloped evidenced by a very deplorable road entering the mining site of the company which worries many motorcyclists, drivers and passengers who commute between the site and its surrounding towns and villages as well as Gbarnga and Botota both for business and mining purposes in search of good or improved living conditions.

The concerned residents of the company’s mining site are meanwhile calling on authorities of the company as well as concerned government agencies to intervene in the situation to help save the day and stop unspecified number of lives being lost or the introduction of untold suffering. They also alleged that the blasting is seriously cracking floors in their various homes.

However, authorities at the company remain tightlipped over the allegations levied against them when contacted by our reporter who was on a visit at the company. But our investigation continues.

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