Eleven Persons Charged With Multiple Crimes


-Over Mob Violence In Nimba

By Esau J. Farr

Fresh report from Nimba County says eleven (11) persons have been hit with multiple charges in relation to the March 20, 2019 mob violence that led to the death of two persons in Ganta.

The charges range from aggravated assault, attempted murder, criminal conspiracy to commit murder, theft of property and obstruction of justice amongst others.

The arrest and subsequent charging of the individuals were in relation to recent mob violence that ensued in Gompa City (formerly Ganta) resulting to the death of two persons and left one seriously wounded and several Police officers injured.

Police later moved to the crime scene and reportedly arrested ninety-three (93) persons and taken to the regional security hub in Gbarnga, Bong County.

An ELBC Correspondent in Nimba County who quoted Police sources in the area said after Police preliminary investigation, 46 of those arrested were sent back to Sanniquelleh, Nimba County to be tried while nineteen (19) others were released on bail.

Meanwhile, locals in Nimba have frowned at what they described as the poor handling of the situation especially transporting the suspected criminals on commercial car which they (locals) believed annoyed the angry crowd to overpowering Police officers on board the vehicle transporting the suspects.

The Police has since clarified that they were constrained to do so due to lack of Police Vehicle to take charge of the accused.

It is not the first time such violent act was witnessed as the public has witnessed countless mob violence and damaging protests staged by Nimbians resulting to deaths and destruction of private properties.

Nimba County staunch businessman, Prince Howard, owner of Alvino Hotel and other businesses were recent victims of violent protest that burned down the Alvino Hotel, one of the best hotels in Ganta at the time and now, the alleged gruesome murder of one Eric Dahn mobbed to death and another man discovered dead in a pool of blood believed to have been mobbed to death by angry crowd in Ganta, Nimba County.

Those charged are expected to go on trial to exonerate themselves in a court of law and if found guilty would be made to serve their respective sentences. TNR

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