Elections Results Will Be Shocking

Liberians are poised to go to the polls on 10 October in the country’s general and presidential elections, to elect a horde of lawmakers, a president, and a vice president.

In a latest podcast live-streamed via Facebook, Prophet Dr. Kingsley predicted that the margin of the results that would be garnered by the winner of Liberia’s 2023 presidential election would be unbelievably wide in contrast to the closest rival’s results.

In the 10th slot of a couple of prophecies including one in which he claims God gave him a word for President Weah, instructing the Liberian leader to show love and appreciation to members of all State security agencies, along with members of their families, Dr. Kingsley averred that concerning Liberia’s presidential election next month, the Lord said history would be made, and that the margin of the results would be unbelievable and shocking.

“The margin of results will shock the people. Then under that, the Lord said the results will not be announced immediately,” Dr. Kingsley stated.

“The Lord said for the first time in the history of the nation, history will be made in Liberia’s election. The margin of results would be too much,” he maintained, indicating that Liberians will turn out en mass to vote – “There is something that will change in the political atmosphere in Liberia’s election next month. The Lord said people will come out en mass to vote like never before.”

Dr. Kingsley did not reveal the name of the would-be winner, but next month’s presidential contest has a staggering number of 20 candidates including incumbent President George Weah and main opposition leader, former VP Boakai, as the top two contenders.

The prophet with his coded message claims that concerning the 10 October presidential polls, God is about to turn the table around, indicating; “God is still speaking.”

The last time in Liberia’s most recent history for its presidential election results to have been astronomically high was in 2017 when current President Weah defeated his closest rival Joseph Nyuma Boakai, then the candidate for the ruling party, to have swept the polls in 14 out of the country’s 15 political sub-divisions, accumulating over 60 percent of the votes.

Before Weah’s feat, it was ex-rebel leader and jailed former President Charles Taylor in 1997, when he won a landslide, garnering 75.3 percent of the total votes cast.

Howbeit, Dr. Kingsley, a life coach, motivational speaker, educationist, financial consultant, author, publisher, worshipper, and founder and pastor of the Newlife Worship Centre International church, inferred that Liberia’s 10 October presidential election results are already confirmed in the realm of the spirit, hinting that while still praying at the altar at about 7:48 AM five days ago, he saw in the spiritual realm, the letters JNB, which are the initials to the names of UP standard bearer Joseph Nyuma Boakai, with the prophet sating that he then asked the Lord what was the meaning of such revelation.

Prophet Kingsley, who divulged that his curiosity prompted him to have further asked God to speak deeper on the matter regarding the letters JNB, neither said God spoke to him deeper as was requested by him, nor did he state categorically that seeing JNB in the realm of the spirit during his prayer time meant the Unity Party standard bearer would be the winner of the 10 October presidential polls.

But, Dr. Kingsley further predicted that upon the announcement of the final results of the presidential election, which he said would not be done immediately after Election Day, there would be a sign in the cloud, and Liberia would enter into what he described as a new chapter, and a new season.

Before the declaration of the winner of the presidential election by the National Elections Commission (NEC), Dr. Kingsley claims the Lord told him there would be a change in the country’s climatic condition, wherein it would be heavily cloudy, there would be a thunderous lightning strike, and rain would fall.

Dr. Kingsley, who reminded Liberians that he once released a prophecy that during the conduct of the country’s mid-term senatorial elections in 2020, there would have been a downpour of rain, which according to him came to pass, declared: “And the Lord was telling me – he said, before they declare the winner, the cloud will change. There will be heavy lightning, and the weather will not be friendly, and it will rain.”

“After the elections [on] 10 October, there will be a sign in the cloud, and Liberia will enter a new chapter and a new season,” said Dr. Kingsley, who added that the Lord said to him that by the time the presidential election final results are announced, the country will be ushered into a new era and a new chapter.

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